4027 AMS Maintenance Engineer (Instruments)

  • Full Time
  • N/A


Job description

Brief Job Description:

  • Provides the operation and maintenance of equipment equipped with the AMS system.
  • Collects alarms from the AMS server daily.
  • Analyzes messages using the AMS alarm flowchart.
  • Keeps a “Hot List” log for valves.
  • Performs diagnostic polls using AMS / ValveLink software.
  • Interprets AMS diagnostic alarms and AMS / ValveLink polling data for use by fault applications.
  • Provides high-quality communication between components of the AMS network, monitors and eliminates communication failures.
  • Installs updates to AMS and ValveLink software and its other applications.
  • All valves available during the overhaul are interrogated to identify valve problems that were not detected prior to the overhaul.
  • Provides support when working with variable valve manufacturers from other manufacturers.
  • Conducts visual inspections of valves at the location of problems such as wear leaks, body or seal damage.
  • Checks the installation and external piping of the equipment.
  • Performs configuration, calibration and diagnostics of instrument equipment equipped with the AMS system.
  • Assists the plant instrumentation specialists in analyzing the causes of equipment malfunctions and their elimination.
  • Assists the repair team in updating and installing software for configuring smart instrumentation.

Job Specification and requirements:

  • Education: Higher (or postgraduate) education in the relevant specialty.
  • Work experience: 3-5 years and more in appropriate area or High potential fresh graduated students with or without work experience
  • Language skills: Kazakh, Russian and English – beginner level
  • PC knowledge and skills: Confident user of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word); preferable knowledge of E1 program

To apply for this job please visit jobs.airswift.com.