4155 PTW Authorized Gas Tester

  • Full Time
  • N/A


Job description

Job functions and responsibilities

An Authorized Gas Tester is responsible for:


  • The overall managing of Gas Test equipment and the issue of
  • Maintaining the integrity of Gas Test equipment
  • Ensuring that adequate supplies of calibration Test Gas is available
  • Ensuring the calibration of Gas Test equipment is current prior to use
  • Knowing the potential hazards that may be encountered during Gas Testing
  • Developing a Gas Test plan to be approved by a Person-in-Charge (PIC) prior to Test
  • Liaison closely and taking direction from Permit Approver (PA)
  • Selecting the appropriate equipment (and accessories) for the specific Gas Test requirements
  • Adhering to the Gas Test plan always
  • Ensuring proper test equipment is available
  • Carry out a ‘bump-test’ and verify the operation of equipment prior to issue / use
  • Maintaining accurate records / registers of equipment and users of
  • Assessing the jobsite and reviewing precautions prior to Test
  • Conducting Gas Tests as stipulated by: SI-108, Gas Test plan, work permit, procedure
  • Initial and periodic Gas Tests as stipulated on work permit
  • Documenting detailed Test Results (date, time & initial) on work permit
  • Ensure users are trained in the use of Gas Test equipment
  • Periodic site patrols and monitoring
  • Actively participates in Save A Life and Incident Injury Free Programs
  • Participates in Team safety meetings.


Training requirements:

Training for an Authorized Gas Tester shall include an understanding of work area atmospheric hazards and the use of the gas testing equipment to evaluate them. An Authorized Gas Tester must know the health and physical hazards of the agents being tested, exposure limits and routes, signs and symptoms of overexposure, consequences of exposure, methods of protecting against the hazard as indicated on the MSDS of the hazard being tested, and emergency procedures as established for the job at hand and for the local area.



2.1  Education

Technical (preferably with a specialization in oil-and-gas industry).


2.2  Work experience

Minimum 5 years experience in oil and gas industry.


2.3  Language skills



2.4 PC knowledge and skills

Advanced computer skills with MS Office Software (e.g. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Visio, Project).






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