Alpha SME

  • Full Time
  • Canada

Precision Drilling


Alpha SME


The Alpha SME is responsible for ensuring maximum value creation for North America Drilling Operations and our customers from the automation system – NOVOS, Apps, etc.



• Overseeing day to day operations involving NOVOS and is the first line of training and troubleshooting;

• Reviewing rig configurations and well programs;

• Analyzing rig configurations, Power BI data, and identify areas of improvement;

• Comparing rigs within identical plays and recommend optimized configurations too under-performing rigs;

• Logging troubleshooting phone requests, daily diagnostic reporting and identifying common reasonings for issues;

• Generate ideas on how to further broaden the system application for higher value creation;

• Communicate with rigs to suggest parameter adjustments, increasing efficiency

• Report to Remote Operations Manager all status tracking updates


Knowledge & Skills

Minimum of 2 years of experience as a Driller and at least 5 years of experience on land-based drilling rigs. At least 1 year experience running NOVOS on a drilling rig.

Strong working knowledge of drilling rig components and drilling rig activities.

Drilling experience in multiple basins preferred.

Full understanding of Amphion drilling system.

Completion of Amphion Competency Assessment.

Full understanding of NOVOS components.

Completion of SME Competency Assessment.



High School Diploma is preferred



Advanced computer skills required

Ability to troubleshoot Amphion and NOVOS operating systems.

Willingness to take ownership of projects/tasks that arise

Superior attention to detail

Ability to multitask

Committed to safe work practices

Good communication skills both verbal and written

Strong problem-solving skills

Excellent leadership skills and team player

Excellent mentoring skills

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