Assistant Engine Room Supervisor


Job description

I am seeking an Assistant Engine Room Supervisor to work with my client in Luanda, Angola on a contract.

Typical Responsibilities:

Engine Room Equipment and Systems and Utilities Operation and Maintenance

  • Prepare Engine Room Plant and Systems for start-up, including vessel utility systems sourced from ER.
  • Start and Monitor Engine Room Plant and Systems, including vessel utility systems sourced from ER.
  • Prepare and Shutdown Engine Room Plant and Systems, including vessel utility systems sourced from ER.
  • Isolate and reinstate Engine Room Plant and for Maintenance, including vessel utility systems sourced from ER.

Manage And Supervise Effectively

  • Establish effective relationships with colleagues and subordinates.
  • Establish scope of work clearly (briefings, toolbox talks, presentations.)
  • Plan and control use of resources effectively. (Personnel, time, materials, transport, IT).
  • Use of communication skills shows leadership (oral, teambuilding, recording, noting, handover, analysing.
  • Objective and consistent in assessment of subordinates using competence assessment system.
  • Make recommendations and improvements in working practices for greater safety, efficiency and profitability.
  • Ensure all Maintenance (Routine and breakdown) is completed and recorded accurately and clearly
  • Ensure all plant and machinery complies with Class and Inspections

Contribute To Control Of Critical Situations And Respond To Emergencies

  • Developing critical situations (operational, weather, equipment failure, leaks, fires personnel etc) are identified and logged for later analysis
  • Positive action is taken to limit escalation and to maintain control using applied policies or procedures or initiative
  • External agencies as appropriate are alerted in good time.

Monitor and Maintain Pollution Control Measures

  • Sample and check that controlled discharges from area of responsibility to the environment are within prescribed limits
  • Identify and halt unplanned discharges where possible, and reported immediately according to policy, procedure and regulation.
  • Equipment, waste or other materials for disposal are dealt with according to the correct procedure
  • Resources such as PPE materials tools and spares are not wasted or used inefficiently

Emergency Response

  • Show competence during drills and exercises.
  • Carry Out Emergency Response Role


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