Completion, Workover & Wireline Superintendent

  • Contract
  • Rotational
  • Algeria

Altea Energy

Job Title : Completion, Workover & Wireline Superintendent

Reports: Drilling & Completion Manager

Subordinates: Wire line & rig-less supervisor, Drilling and completion supervisor

Contract Duration : Minimum 6 Months

Rotation : 28/28

1- Job Purpose:

To co-ordinate, direct and review completion, work-over, wireline, and rigless operations, within defined drilling programmes and budget, inorder to fully meet the prognosis target, pursuingthe best results interms of safety, time and cost effectiveness.

2- Main Responsibilities:

Completion,work-over, wireline, and rigless operations activities compliance withtimeand cost budget, in accordance with Company requirements, HSEQ standards  and good petroleum engineering practices

3- Key Activities :

  • Evaluating the need for services equipment and material and to providing for the issuing of their request
  • Providing for the preparation of annual drilling program review
  • Coordinating the activities of Company’s and Contractors units involved incompletion, work-over, wireline, and rigless operations and decide about day by day matters
  • Reporting during completion, work-over and wire line operations any technical or economical variation from approved scope, proposing the appropriate changes if necessary
  • Participating as a member of the emergency task force in event of blow-out of other major emergency
  • Completion, work-over, wireline, and rigless operations technology knowledge acquisition and capitalization

3- Main Internal Interfaces :

Drilling and completion engineering co-ordinator, mud engineer, general services for material and personnel movements, Q.A and safety dept.,contracts dept., production dept.

4- Main External Interfaces :

Contractors involved in completion, workover, wireline, and rigless activities activities

5- Qualification & Experience :


Engineering degree or high school diploma

Training & Courses:

  • Basic Oil
  • Drilling & Completion course
  • Completion advanced course
  • Geology Basic course (preferred)
  • Subsurface & Reservoir Basic course (preferred)

Languages :

  • Fluent knowledge of English
  • Intermediate knowledge of the local language preferred

Required Experience :

  • 10 years of Oil& Gas industry experience
  • 5 years of completion execution experience

Required Knowledge, Technical or Professional Skills:

  • Drilling Activities: Drilling Operation, Drilling Fluids & Cement & Cem.Op.Design/Operat., Well drilling experience
  • Completion Activities: Completion activity and workover operation,Well Testing (Oil), Well Testing (Gas), Gravel Pack, Gas Lift, Submersible Pumps, Dual Completion,PerforatingTechnique, Compl.& WO experience
  • Advanc.CompI. WO·Rigless: Intelligent Completions
  • High Profile Drilling: Simultaneous Drilling
  • High Profile Compl. WO·Rigless: Well Stimulation (Acid), Well Stimulation (Frac), Stimul./Compl./Gravel Pack/Fract. Jobs Fluids Design&Eng.,Hp/Ht Completion,Simultaneous Production,WellboreStability/Sand Production/Prediction&Control
  • Economics General: Cost estimating/budgeting/cost analysis/control
  • Contracting: Def. of Contract Strategy, Variations and Claim Resolution
  • Techn.Specifics & Bidding: Technical & Contract. Specific. Prep. (Engineering), Evolution technological market, Specific suppliers and contractors market knowledge, Preparation and development of technical Standard,Tender technical evaluation

Required Personal Capabilities:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Flexibility
  • Innovation
  • Planning target control
  • Decision Making
  • Spirit of Enterprise
  • Change management
  • Communication
  • Listening and reception
  • Relations management
  • Staff management and development

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