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Job Description


The jobholder will have to:

  • Liaise with TEGP Head of Compliance and demonstrate competence required to run TEGPA compliance matters on his/ her own.
  • Ensure that TEGPA’s business is compliant with all applicable rules and regulations and TotalEnergies’ Anti-Bribery & Corruption (ABC) policies.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of local procedures including appropriate systems and controls in order to ensure and facilitate compliance with all applicable Rules and Regulations. As part of this process, ensure TEGPA’s Compliance/personal Data protection Documents and databases are kept up to date and proceed to all compliance verification checks including Anti-Money Laundering and PEPs Checks on TEGPA‘s counterparties.
  • Ensure that TEGPA have adequate IT systems in place including but not limited to Personal Data protection and KYC on-boarding tool (sharepoint or equivalent), compliance intranet page and gifts and hospitality/conflict of interest registers. 
  • Manage the updating and development of such IT systems (in conjunction with IT and the Compliance team in Geneva).
  • In conjunction with TEGP Head of Compliance based in Geneva, operate and maintain the TEGPA Compliance Monitoring Programme and ensure the Programme is completed within the parameters defined.
  • Maintain awareness of regulatory developments and its impact on current and future business practices and keep TEGPA Directors and TEGP Head of Compliance informed of relevant changes to rules and procedures.
  • In conjunction with TEGP Head of Compliance, ensure that Anti-Bribery & Corruption and Fraud matters including, training, development and maintenance of hospitality register and update policies and procedures as and when required. 
  • Keep up to date with developments of the TotalEnergies directives and supporting policies and procedures in the field of Compliance and Personal Data protection.
  • Provide general advice and guidance on (i) compliance issues to the Front Office and other departments within TEGPA (ii) Data Protection/Personal Data issues to TEGPA Management.
  • Liaise with the Managing Director of TEGPA and with other departments of TEGPA and the Protection/Personal Data manager of TEGPA with respect to compliance, personal data protection and regulatory matters as well as with the Company’s compliance officers (Branch and HQ).
  • Compliance Training programme/ Data Protection Training Programme: ensure that appropriate compliance training are given to all employees and to new employees and data protection training updates are given to Directors.
  • Prepare quarterly and annual compliance as well as audit reports (regulatory risk analysis).
  • Maintain the compliance dashboard as well as ensure the animation of the TEGPA meetings with the Compliance minutes.
  • Prepare the corresponding yearly roadmaps

The jobholder is the primary contact for day-to-day issues relating to Compliance, data protection and fraud matters and must:

  1. help solidify a risk awareness culture within TEGPA,
  2. liaise with internal and external stakeholders regarding compliance, data protection and regulatory matters
The jobholder also has the responsibility to help ensure TEGPA abides by the regulations in all its activities on Asia and Australian Gas and Power derivative markets. 

The jobholder must:

  • ensure that the staff is trained in line with all applicable laws to ensure best practice;
  • keep up to date with Compliance regulations and keep abreast of developments and best practice to ensure that TEGPA is not subject to any breaches that could affect its revenue;
  • take ownership of the Compliance Monitoring work concerning market surveillance and the detection and prevention of any potential or actual market manipulation breaches. 

Context and environment

Working in an environment whereby REMIT, MAD/MAR, AML Laws, MiFID II, EMIR and internal rules must be adhered to in order to strengthen controls, prevent potentially unlimited fines, and reduce errors and breaches.  

Experience level required

Minimum 6 years

Employer company

TotalEnergies Gas & Power Asia Private Limited

About us / company profile

The global activities of the Gas & Power Branch of Total SA, and its affiliates, subsidiaries and associated companies (“Total Gas & Power”, “Group” or “Total Group”) include the marketing and trading of natural gas, liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) and power, the trading of liquefied petroleum gas (“LPG”), natural gas transportation and storage, as well as LNG re-gasification and the production and sale of coal and petcoke.

Total Gas & Power’s trading teams are responsible for optimising the purchase/sales portfolios of gas, electricity, coal and LPG via transactions (arbitrage, balancing and hedging) in all recognised markets, in compliance with Group trading guidelines.

TGPA participates and supports Total Gas & Power’s efforts in developing its energy trading network of Asian and Australian counterparts and increasing market share, identifying new opportunities and complementing the expansion of Total Gas & Power’s trading portfolio.

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