Contract Specialist


Job Title – Contract Specialist
Job Description
* Assist in the detailed legal review of Client proposed draft of contract, including all relevant parts of exhibits as included in the bid invitation.
* The review should take into account advice and experience gained during execution of previous projects. Where possible, the review should identify and assess the potential difficulties or roadblocks that may arise when administrating the Contract during the execution phase such as Change Orders, Schedule, reimbursable scope, rely-upon, Client assigned items, nominated vendors, coordination with client, etc.
* Provide input on any contractual and commercial risk identified during the review process and ensure this is raised to the tender team (and management, when necessary) so that the risk will be taken into account in tender evaluation.
* Assist in negotiations with clients and joint venture partners as needed.
* When requested, assist sourcing/procurement to address contract, legal, commercial and insurance issues related to subcontractors or major suppliers during tender phase, with a particular focus to ensure flow down of Client contract terms to subcontractors.
* Act as a key integral member of the project team and participate in commercial strategic discussions and decisions to ensure that contracts risks are identified, properly evaluated and mitigated.
* Provide the project (including team work onshore and offshore) with accurate summaries of contract related matters including contract synopsis, contract review, contract obligations matrix and guidance on contract requirements.
* Advise the project manager/director on aspects of Project execution which deviate from contract requirement.
* Manage and maintain accurate records of all project contractual documentation within Contracts Workspace System.
* Monitor all project deliverables as well as identify risks and opportunities.
* Assumes overall responsibility for all contractual and commercial issues related to management of change, including ensuring claims are issued within the timeframes set out in the Contract receiving all required internal approvals: prepare, interfacing with involved functions, and negotiate any claims against client, joint-venture partners and subcontractors.
* Coordinate the necessity of additional insurances in conjunction with other functions within Legal and with Insurance where applicable. Ensure that the required insurance coverage is timely put in place and that required insurance certificates are provided/obtained from vendors, subcontractors and joint-venture partners.
* Prepare, pursue and lead the process on all claims (excluding litigation) related to the project, including Construction All Risk (CAR) insurance claims. Prepare and review proposals to instigate formal dispute resolution.
* Assist the project manager/director whenever a loss and/or damage falling under an insurance program occurs. Subsequently follow up the evolution of the loss, providing support for the orderly build-up of the documentary evidence to be used to substantiate the insurance claim and attending the negotiations with the loss adjuster in conjunction with the relevant Insurance Function.
* Assist Global Sourcing & Procurement (GSP) to address contract, legal, commercial and insurance issues related to subcontractors or major suppliers, with a particular focus to ensure flow down of Client contract terms to subcontractors and provide assistance on subcontract/PO negotiation and approval of any deviations. Manage claims/disputes with suppliers.
* Issue client notices.
* Preparation and management of inter-company orders.
* Manages completions/handover/milestones/payment certificates in accordance with the contract.
* Interface with Cost Control to establish and maintain accurate financial forecasting.
* Interface with the Tax function to assess and quantify tax liabilities.
Preferred Experience:
* Bachelor’s degree or relevant experience in pertinent discipline preferred.
* Strong negotiation skills and experience
* Understand inter-disciplinary relations and requirements
* Exceptional communication and presentation skills
* Ability to provide open and direct dialogue with stakeholders
* High level of integrity and ethics

Our role in supporting diversity and inclusion
As an international workforce business, we are committed to sourcing personnel that reflects the diversity and values of our client base but also that of Orion Group. We welcome the wide range of experiences and viewpoints that potential workers bring to our business and our clients, including those based on nationality, gender, culture, educational and professional backgrounds, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, and age differences, job classification and religion. In our inclusive workplace, regardless of your employment status as staff or contract, everyone is assured the right of equitable, fair and respectful treatment.

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