CP Supply Chain Lead – Data Integration

  • Full Time
  • Poland


This position plays a key role in liberating more value from Data excellence and digitalisation across the e2e scope of CP with a particular emphasis on Supply Chain for live assets, and Capital Projects towards the CP/Supply Chain ambition. He/she must ensure the Data operating model delivers business value in the new macro context.

This role enables improvement of Data in CP/SC by focusing on key structural and complex Data issues across the CP/SC landscape. This can include, but is not limited to people capabilities, data standards, data quality, data lifecycle management, right first time and digitalisation improvements to ensure data is trusted in the CP/SC ecosystem. These improvements need to be applied within the context of the business and CP/SC processes so that they are effective, fit for purpose and sustained in daily operations across e2e partners.

Principal Accountabilities:
• Drive coherent diagnosis and problem definition on value leakage in CP/SC caused by structural issues in the CP/SC Data landscape, or from feeder processes into CP/SC.
• Identify, drive, influence solutioning (IT, process, design, people, competency, project management etc) that addresses key structural Data issues, and ensures the right outcomes and measurements (eg DQ, availability, cost etc) are implemented and sustained within the assets/CP/operations.
• Pursue e2e Data operational excellence by ensuring Data is trusted, connected, and drives value in the various CP/SC for the assets and businesses.
• Provide Data leadership, competency development, and role modelling to improve frontline and community understanding of Data as an Asset.
• Ensure significant time liberation, work simplification, and ensure demonstrable contribution to overall supply chains by creating capacity through automation so CP Data and CP frontliners can take on more complex value driven work.

• CP Data and natural e2e partners can be global. This requires time flexibility in a virtual working environment.
• Data processes in CP/SC cover all businesses in RDS from UP, IGNE, DS/F, and P&T; and across different supply chains (live assets, Capital Projects, marketing supply chains etc)

Special Challenges (Complexity):
• Individual contributor with no direct reports, budget.
• Data challenges for Supply Chain in live assets and Capital Projects can be significantly complex with potentially significant legacy issues (eg inconsistent definition and application of data model, different ERPs from years ago).
• Strong broad integrator required across diverse stakeholders given there is a need to pull different capabilities that exist in multiple teams to work together.
• Having strong business; strong CP/SC, Capital Project; or master data knowledge can be an advantage

Key Experiences and Qualifications:
• Broad integrative individual leadership attributes to business partner across natural e2e teams – Mastery desired
• Analytical, structured problem solving – Mastery desired
• Strong understanding or of the businesses and/or Supply Chain – Skill desired
• Data expertise (eg master data) – Knowledge
• Project and change management – Skill

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