Department Manager Compliance




Develop, lead and manage an Ethics & Compliance1 (E&C) framework, programme and culture, based on all relevant regulatory requirements and international best practice (including the guidelines provided by the ADNOC group), in order to prevent unethical, improper or illegal conduct and to ensure the proper, correct and timely treatment of all E&C violations that occur within the organisation.


Job Specific Accountabilities

Program Development and Implementation

Responsible for establishing, leading and maintaining ADNOC Distribution’s Ethics & Compliance (E&C) programme and framework, including development of ethics & compliance policies, procedures.

Identify, monitor and oversee the management of the Company’s E&C risks in coordination with ADNOC Distribution’s Ethics and Compliance Committee, including the proactive tracking of regulatory changes that may impact such risks.

Design and monitor controls to protect the Company from those risks, conduct investigations and implement corrective actions and training

Monitor ADNOC Distribution’s E&C policies and procedures to ensure adherence with regulatory requirements.

Periodic review of the E&C programme status and reporting to the Ethics and Compliance Committee.

Train, develop and assist the E&C Champions, providing guidance and tools to facilitate effective E&C management within all business lines and functions.


Assist HR, internal audit teams and external auditors to assess and address any E&C areas in need of attention via effective remediation plans including amendments to policy and procedures or trainings and development of ADNOC Distribution’s employees.

 Develop and deliver effective training and awareness programmes at each level of the organisation

 Facilitate an environment where all stakeholders and employees can address E&C concerns, in a confidential and non-retaliatory environment, and encourage reporting and discussion around ethical behaviour

 Assist and facilitate proper understanding of industry practices and critical E&C programmes to manage regulatory E&C violations and events. Liaising with the business in relation to effective management of E&C issues.

 Investigate allegations of non-compliant conduct, as and when directed by the Corporate Ethics and Compliance Committee, CEO or General Counsel.

 Support and advise the business lines and Functions in managing and mitigating E&C risks including bribery and corruption; third party integrity; antitrust and competition; and international trade controls and sanctions.

Violations and verdicts

 Check E&C violations committed by ADNOC Distribution employees, investigate them, issue memos and prepare results along with legal opinion and recommendations and present them to the relevant authorities if required

 Investigate potential E&C violations in coordination with the Internal Audit Division

 Follow up on the implementation of E&C legal verdicts and disciplinary actions to make sure the concerned employee or department behaves and acts accordingly.


 Ensure that timely and accurate legal information is provided to external and internal auditors as and when required to make sure that audits can be performed correctly and in time.

Generic Accountabilities


 Plan and supervise the activities of the personnel and resources of the Department to achieve the Department objectives in an efficient and cost-conscious manner while ensuring implementation of approved operational plans for the Department in line with Department objectives.

 Develop the knowledge, competencies and innovative spirit in the Department and support the establishment of Personal Development Plans (PDP’s), Succession Planning and Talent pipeline within the Department in coordination with the Human Capability Group to continuously develop employees with emphasis on UAE Nationals to meet Emiratization targets.

Budgets and Operational Plans

 Compile and provide input for preparation of the Department budgets and regularly monitor expenditure against the approved Department budget levels.

 Investigate, highlight and reconcile any significant variances to ensure effective performance and cost control.

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures

Lead the implementation of approved Department policies, processes, systems, standards, procedures and internal controls in order to support execution of the Department work programs in line with Company and International standards.

Performance Management

 Implement the Company Performance Management System for individuals within the Department in accordance with Company approved guidelines and continuously monitor the achievement of the Department KPIs related to the approved Annual Performance Management Contract and the Balanced Score Card.

Organisation Structure and Development

 Review, develop and recommend the appropriate organisation structure for the Department that will best utilise human capital while proactively incorporating sustainability into the on-going work practices to meet the business objectives.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

 Encourage innovation, enhance employee motivation and support initiatives for implementation of Change Management to continuously improve operations and services.

 Propose improvements in internal processes against best practices in pursuit of greater efficiency in line with ISO standards in order to define intelligent solutions for issues confronting the Department.

Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and Sustainability

 Support the institution of an HSE culture and ensure compliance with relevant HSE policies, procedures, systems & controls and applicable legislation and sustainability guidelines across the Department in line with international standards, best practices and ADNOC Distribution Code of Practices.

 Ensure adequate HSE training and induction for all Department employees to meet HSE standards.

Management Information Systems (MIS) and Reports

 Prepare all Department MIS and progress reports to provide accurate and timely reports and necessary information to Company Management to effectively manage the business.



 All internal units


 Government organizations


Minimum Qualification

Bachelor’s Degree in law or other relevant qualification.

Minimum Experience & Knowledge & Skills

10 years of relevant experience of which at least 5 years in a people management role.

Professional Certifications

 Qualified Lawyer

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