Department Manager, Maintenance (Technical)



Job Purpose

Lead and manage the maintenance resources and services to Operations in the Plant to constantly ensure technical and operational safety, integrity and reliability of production/storage/loading and to minimize downtimes in the facilities.

Job Specific Accountabilities (Part 1)

Maintenance/ Shutdown Planning and Management
•    Manage the implementation and application of the Maintenance Management System and Policies to ensure that site operations comply with Company maintenance guidelines.
•    Manage the maintenance activities in the Plant and provide technical advice and coordinate the activities with other Managers and Department Heads in the Division as well as other sites to ensure safe and efficient operations.
•    Ensure that sound planned and preventive maintenance and on-condition monitoring programs are designed, optimized and carried out according to maintenance inspection policy in coordination with operations, includes the implementation and auditing of new permit to work system for quality, reliability and integrity.
•    Manage the development and execution of plans/ schedules for extraordinary maintenance in the Operations Department to coordinate with contractors and required support from Technical Services Department and the Division to ensure that all key equipment and systems are maintained as per Company standards.
•    Ensure participation in HAZOPS and root-cause-analyses (if required) to ensure the incorporation of lessons learned and the minimization of production risks in the short and long term.
•    Ensure the management of the spare parts inventory/ system to ensure cost-optimized and quick response time for repairs and overhauls.
•    In close cooperation with the Production Planning team, manage the planning and provision of expertise for Major Shutdown Management to the Operations Department to maximize the utilization of shutdown times.
•    Initiate, direct and / or cooperate with other Departments in studies and investigations to improve Plant performance, reliability and integrity (e.g. through, risk management, safety and maintenance inspection audits), reports recommendations to Management.
•    Liaise closely with the Projects Team and the Plant Operations Department to contribute to the successful integration of projects into the respective Department.

Job Specific Accountabilities (Part 2)

Job Specific Accountabilities (Part 3)

Generic Accountabilities

Operational Plans
•    Develop consistent and realistic long and short term operational plans for the Department in line with the Division objectives and manage the implementation of the approved long and short term plans and ensure they are effectively converted into its performance objectives to realise the Division Objectives and established service levels.
Budgets and Operational Plans 
•    Develop and manage the Department annual budget in line with the Division’s business objectives and operational plans ensuring that adequate funding provision is made for all Department activities. 
•    Monitor expenditure against approved Department budget on a regular basis; investigate, highlight and reconcile any significant variances to ensure effective performance and cost control.
Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures
•    Develop and implement appropriate Department policies, processes, systems, standards, procedures and internal controls, Company guidelines in order to support execution of the Division’s work programs in line with Company and International standards.
Performance Management
•    Contribute to the development of the Division’s KPI’s and ensure proper cascade of the  Performance objectives within the Department and establish monitoring mechanisms to ensure delivery of these objectives and promote a performance driven culture.
•    Manage the implementation of the Company Performance Management System for individuals within the Department in accordance with Company approved guidelines.
People Development 
•    Develop knowledge, competencies and innovative spirit in the Department and support the establishment of Personal Development Plans (PDP’s), Succession Planning and Talent pipeline within the Department in coordination with the Human Capital to continuously develop employees with emphasis on UAE Nationals to meet Emiratization targets.
Organisation Structure and Development
•    Review, develop and recommend the appropriate organisation structure for the Department that will best utilise human capital while proactively incorporating sustainability into the on-going work practices to meet the business objectives.
Risk Management 
•    Contribute and support establishment of a Corporate Integrated Risk Management System within the Department, while identifying and assessing relevant domain risks and implement measures to manage and mitigate all identified risks within the Department.
•    Communicate corporate business ethics and Company’s Code of Conduct to employees within the Department and ensure compliance to the Corporate Policies and guidelines.
Innovation and Continuous Improvement
•    Promote an organisation culture that encourages innovation, enhances employee motivation and supports initiatives for implementation of Change Management to continuously improve the Department operations and services.
•    Recommend improvements in internal processes against best practices in pursuit of greater efficiency in line with ISO standards in order to define intelligent solutions for issues confronting the Department.

Generic Accountabilities (continue)

Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and Sustainability
•    Support the institution and implementation of an HSE culture and ensure compliance with relevant HSE policies, procedures, systems & controls and applicable legislation and sustainability guidelines across the Department in line with international standards, best practices and company Code of Practices.
•    Ensure adequate HSE training and induction for all Department employees to meet HSE standards.
Management Information Systems (MIS) and Reports
•    Ensure that all Department MIS and progress reports are prepared to provide accurate and timely reports and necessary information to Company Management to effectively manage the business. 

Internal Communications & Working Relationships

Contact with line Manager/ peers and other employees within the company/Group as required

External Communications & Working Relationships

Contact with external parties including consultants, third party service providers, and government agencies as required 

Minimum Qualification

Bachelor Degree in Engineering, preferably Mechanical, Instrument & Control or Electrical discipline.

Minimum Experience, Knowledge & Skills

12 years of experience, Engineering and Maintenance, of which 5 years should be in a senior supervisory capacity, 8 years in gas plant or refinery operations.

Professional Certifications

As applicable

Work Condition, Physical effort & Work Environment

Physical Effort: Minimal
Work Environment: A/C environment, could be exposed to the prevailing weather conditions like heat, humidity & dust during occasional site visits.

Additional Details

Job Family / Sub Family:Maintenance / Maintenance Execution

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