Equipment Readiness Operator


Equipment Readiness Operator

Peace River Canada – Canada


The Equipment Readiness Operator is responsible for ensuring equipment is delivered on time and according to operational demands. The Equipment Readiness Operator improves the reliability of Division equipment assets and increases the utilization and efficiency of assets. This person reduces the cost of service delivery (CoSD).


  • Help the Equipment Readiness Lead and Engineer prepare equipment for jobs.
  • Perform noninvasive maintenance pertaining to final preparation of surface and downhole equipment and ready boxes.
  • Execute work orders (WOs) as assigned through the Computerized Maintenance Management System for the Division, ensuring compliance to standard work and WO data accuracy and completeness.
  • Help prepare and organize documentation for such activities as calibrations, function tests, material certifications, inspections and, if necessary, third-party quality control and inspections.
  • Prepare equipment and associated critical spares for shipment and staging at a pre-determined location or loading zone.
  • Load equipment onto trucks in the absence of base or operational planning support, or the Equipment Readiness Operator or Technician.
  • Receive equipment after Logistics offloads equipment that is returning to the Technology Lifecycle Management (TLM) base.
  • Adopt a continuous improvement work ethic and participate in initiatives to improve efficiency and productivity in equipment readiness, CoSD, and asset utilization through maintenance processes.
  • Follow and comply with Division TLM standards and the Competency Management System.

Experience :

  • Basic Computer / Office Skills
  • Basic Admin Tasks


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