Executive, Corporate Affairs


Job description


  • Plan and execute branding programs to create positive awareness of the company’s image and prestige internally and externally
  • Conduct a client satisfaction and analyse results to monitor the effectiveness of our services and to improve the quality system
  • Facilitae and manage the pro-active media and government relations program
  • Identify, develop and implement a consistent communicaton plan eg: stakeholder management plan to ensure information dissemination is conducted pursuant to relevant requirements
  • Propose and complete assigned corporate write-up by ensuring accurate and timely flow of information is included and drafted so as it is appropriate for specific target groups
  • Plan, organize, and implement public relations & media activities to support the achievement of corporate objectives, marketing aspirations and corporate branding
  • Plan and update COMPANY’s website & portal on a frequent manner with recent updates of COMPANY’s management strategy, active milestones, project acquisition, keynote address and latest programs
  • Perform relevant duties as and when directed by the superior


  • Bachelor’s Degree of Mass Communication
  • A minimum 5 years’ experience in a similar or relevant to the function
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

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