Field Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)


Reports to the Field Operations Manager and is responsible for the management of the health, safety and welfare of all personnel working on the installation (including security).

  • The Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) is responsible for safe and efficient operation and maintenance of the installation, and activities within the 500 meters exclusion zone, with the following responsibilities:
  • Manage compliance with the safety case and/or interfacing safety cases
  • Lead and develop the offshore organisation to execute safe and efficient operations
  • Accountable for ensuring sufficient resources are in place for Line 1 Emergency Response (ER)
  • Responsible for compliance with the requirements of SI971, including appointment of sufficient Safety Reps and coordination of safety committee meetings
  • Accountable for daily risk management and SIMOPs management
  • Responsible for Plant Integrity impairment management e.g. ORA’s / SECE’s
  • Accountable for environmental compliance
  • Responsible for the delivery and management of relevant Ambition to Action KPI’s
  • Accountable for the management and control of the control of work system offshore including the appointment of all roles e.g. Operation system responsible (OSR), Area system responsible (ASV) 
  • Responsible to ensuring personnel onboard the asset meet the competence requirements for safety critical tasks and that the Competency Management system is actively implemented at site
  • Responsible for the execution of work as per the Work Order Plan and Operations Plan
  • Accountable for ensuring all work is performed as per Company work processes, safety standard and legislation
  • Ensure all incidents and accidents are investigated as per company work processes
  • Complete and deliver reports as required to support the company operating model
  • Task Manager for budget/cost control as required
  • Shall work Onshore or offshore on Mariner B or Mariner A as directed by the Field Operations Manager
  • Initially the OIM will be posted on Mariner B Floating Storage Unit (FSU)

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