Financial Accounting Analyst

Exxon Mobil

Job Responsibilities


ExxonMobil, one of the largest publicly traded international energy companies, uses technology and innovation to help meet the world’s growing energy needs. ExxonMobil holds an industry-leading inventory of resources, is one of the largest refiners and marketers of petroleum products, and its chemical company is one of the largest in the world. To learn more about ExxonMobil in India, visit ExxonMobil India. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


•    Lead and prepare financial accounts under the Indian Accounting Standards and in accordance with tax and audit regulations
•    Advise accounting treatment in accordance with the legal requirements under the Companies Act and other applicable laws, regulations and accounting standards
•    Advise and implement accounting and auditing requirements
•    Monitor regulatory changes, identify implications on accounting practices and facilitate the required system and process changes as appropriate
•    Prepare statutory filings with Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Reserve Bank of India
•    Interface with external auditors and plan and facilitate audits
•    Maintain close liaison with the Company’s operating departments to provide financial advisory

Job Requirements


•    Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university scoring GPA 6.0 and above
•    Chartered Accountant (CA) from the institute of Chartered Accountants of India with minimum two years of post-CA qualification work experience or hold Master’s degree in Finance / Commerce with a minimum five years of relevant work experience
•    Strong knowledge of India accounting standards and practices, relevant laws and regulations
•    Exposure to US GAAP and IFRS accounting standards would be added advantage
•    Experience working in large accounting and auditing professional firms
•    Experience with SAP and Enterprise Resource Planning is preferred
•    Good knowledge of Microsoft office application such as Excel, PowerPoint
•    Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English


ExxonMobil does not use recruiting or placement agencies that charge candidates an advance fee of any kind (e.g., placement fees, immigration processing fees, etc.). Follow the LINK to understand more about recruitment scams in the name of ExxonMobil.


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