F&L – Operations Specialist (Tianjin)

Exxon Mobil

Job Role Responsibilities

  • Entry position in Lubes Operation as interim for on boarding and further development. After initial on boarding program, successful candidates will be assigned to an entry level management role in shift operations (Laboratory, Maintenance or Production). Primary working location will be based in Tianjin, while mobility of working location among Taicang, Shanghai and Tianjin is expected for future career development.
  • Future development may include more than one area of below:
    • Flawless operation in Safety / Control / Quality and pursue high efficiency
    • Supervise shift operations, including blending, filling and warehouse activities, etc
    • Engineer of plant maintenance, engineering and project execution etc.
    • Plant process control system configuration, application and optimization
    • Lab analysis/ Quality management system implementation
  • 润滑油营运方面入职阶段的管理培训岗位。成功通过入职阶段之后,会被进一步分配到营运班次中的初级管理岗位,包括化验室,维修工程或生产方面。本工作岗位在天津,同时为了长期职业发展,会需要在天津,太仓,上海之间轮岗任职。
  • 未来的发展将涵盖以下的多个方面:
    • 在营运中执行高标准的安全,内控和质量体系要求,同时保持对生产效率的追求。
    • 管理营运班次中的调配,灌装和仓库等工作。
    • 管理工厂维修工作,以及项目设计执行。
    • 优化工厂工艺流程及生产系统。
    • 管理实验室日常化验工作,推进质量管理体系执行。


  • 1-5 years working experience in Lubricant manufacturing operations
  • Bachelor or Master degree holders
  • Fluent in both written and oral English
  • Able to work independently and as a team player
  • Self-motivated, strong initiative and a desire to succeed
  • Major in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical & Instrument, Chemical etc), Chemistry, IT or Logistic/Supply Chain preferred
  • Mobility of location and working shift arrangement
  • 1-5年的润滑油生产营运方面的工作经验
  • 学士或硕士学位
  • 流利的英语行文和口语
  • 具备独立工作和团队合作能力
  • 有上进心,有创新能力
  • 理工科背景 (包含但不仅限于机械,化工,电器仪表),化学,信息技术,物流,供应链等
  • 可以适应出差,异地和倒班工作

To apply for this job please visit jobs.exxonmobil.com.

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