Job Details:

The job holder is responsible for the preparation, implementation, coordination and reporting of all activities related to Quality Management for the North Platte Project FPU, and for the reporting at FPU management level, for the duration of the Project.

The job holder is responsible for:

  • To promote Quality in the FPU package and provide Quality advice
  • To assist FPU management in the definition of organizational requirements per package, and the selection and coordination of QC personnel
  • To assist the Project QA/QC Lead and the FPU team in the organization, implementation and audit of quality procedures related to the project
  • To assist the Project QA/QC Lead to define, develop, implement and control implementation of a Quality Management System for the project (external activities oriented) and assist the FPU team and Work Package Managers in the organization and implementation of such Quality Management System
  • To define, organize and coordinate the Quality Surveillance of Contractors and of their main Subcontractors, organize Quality audits and visits in coordination with concerned Package Managers, and issue updated evaluations of their performance within the project
  • To review and give advice on Contractors’, Subcontractors’ and suppliers’ QA/QC Inspection & Test Plans for overall coherence and adequacy (format, document control and enforcement to Quality Specifications), with the knowledge that prime responsibility for Quality Control remaining with the Packages Managers and their teams
  • Supervising functionally the QA/QC Leaders and Engineers assigned within the different Packages. The job holder is also accountable individually for demonstrating exemplary behavior regarding H3SE rules and requirements, and regarding the Company Ethics and “Code of Conduct” policy. Main interfaces: The job holder shall liaise actively with the FPU, Topsides, and Hull Managers (mainly) for all QA/QC-related activities
  • To adopt and demonstrate exemplary behavior regarding HSSE and to implement HSSE rules and requirements within his area of responsibility
  • To adopt and demonstrate exemplary behavior regarding the Company Ethics and “Code of Conduct” policy
  • To develop, adapt and implement the Quality Management System (QMS) of the project (policies, plans, procedures and requirements for Contractors) on the basis of Company Quality charters, directives, rules and objectives, and to define, develop and implement the associated organization and means
  • To manage the FPU specific QMS register in consultation with the concerned Package Managers and Leaders
  • To investigate any identified or reported problem in the application of Project QMS as it pertains to the FPU and propose solutions/ improvements to the concerned Managers
  • To support the Project QA/QC Lead in the implementation of an Internal Audit Plan, as it relates to the FPU, in order to ensure compliance with the QMS and to ensure that Project Quality reviews are regularly and properly conducted and that decided actions are diligently completed
  • To review as necessary FPU Bidders/Contractor’s key documents (e.g.: project execution plans, project quality plans, quality control plans, audit schedules and key project procedures), ensuring that they are in line with Project expectations and that they fulfil contract requirements
  • To prepare and implement, during the next phase of the project, in the execution of an External Audit Plan covering Contractors and Major Subcontractors in order to ensure enforcement of QMS requirements, and to monitor the External Audits findings & remarks, and any other reported Quality problems, through periodic meetings with Contractors
  • To coordinate with Contractors Quality Assurance team on quality matters
  • To provide technical support to Contractors related to project quality objectives, codes, standards and specification requirements and interpretations
  • To confirm that the Contractors comply with the QMS.
  • To get assurance of progressive compilation of consistent quality records by all Contractors
  • To review of all Contractors’ MDR process and progress of record of assembly in accordance with Data Book Table of Contents requirements for each package/contract
  • To review all Contractors’ Quality Plans, ITP’s and other quality documentation to ensure conformance to Project requirements.
  • To organize and attend at Quality Audits.
  • To facilitate compilation of quality statistics and trend analysis for reporting to management
  • To ensure adequate and timely reporting to the FPU Manager and Project QA/QC Lead highlighting progress and areas of concern.
  • To gather and validate ‘lessons learned’ from FPU package team and provides feedback to PJC/MSF.

Require Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • 15-20 years industry experience
  • 5-10 years in a similar position, GOM Deepwater development experience
  • Skilled in preparation and implementation of Project Quality management Systems
  • Proficient organizational ability and commitment to meeting deadlines
  • Strong communication and presentation skills.
  • Team worker capable of working autonomously

Our role in supporting diversity and inclusion
As an international workforce business, we are committed to sourcing personnel that reflects the diversity and values of our client base but also that of Orion Group. We welcome the wide range of experiences and viewpoints that potential workers bring to our business and our clients, including those based on nationality, gender, culture, educational and professional backgrounds, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, and age differences, job classification and religion. In our inclusive workplace, regardless of your employment status as staff or contract, everyone is assured the right of equitable, fair and respectful treatment.

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