Geophysical Monitoring Specialist Service / CO2 Storage


Job description

Geophysical Monitoring Specialist Service

Location: Pau with field trips near Pau + trips to be considered abroad for the participation in certain congresses + consortium monitoring

Contract: 12-month Contract from December 2021.

Recruitment Partner: Airswift               

Account Manager: Amy Spink


Key words: Geophysical Monitoring, GIS, Land Surveying, Hydrography, Geomatics

Context & Environment

As part of its research and development activities, our business seeks a service of year on geophysical monitoring in the context of CO2 capture and storage.

Tasks to be performed:

  • State of the art on the theme “use of optical fibres for geophysical monitoring (active and passive) of CO2 storages”.
  • State of the art on the subject of “artificial intelligence for seismic processing”.
  • Monitoring of field operations linked to an internal pilot project aimed at acquiring microseismic data.
  • Imagine, define, and organize new seismic acquisition campaigns as part of this project and that would help us make progress on future ways of monitoring the various impacts related to CO2 injection.
  • Benchmarking of optical fibre data processing methods, adaptation of existing methods existing systems and development of new dedicated methods. Identify key partners in the implementation of these treatments.
  • Assistance in the management of the R&D project portfolio and consistency with the CCUS strategy, monitoring of certain our consortia.
  • Knowledge catalyst and capitalization with our teams “Seismic acquisition, Micro-seismic” and R&D.

Expected Deliverables

  • Weekly activity report
  • Minutes of meetings on the subjects monitored
  • Archiving of datasets in the project’s disk trees
  • Reports on analyzes carried out + PPT + archiving of results
  • State of the art report on the use of optical fibres for the acquisition of induced seismicity + PPT
  • Report on State of the art of real-time processing of optical fibres acquired in continuous time + PPT
  • Training sessions and Workshops on specific subjects with our teams


Technical Requirements

  • Expertise in Geophysics specialized in seismic acquisition and processing (active / passive)
  • Expertise in Optical fibre acquisition and processing operations
  • Expertise in Seismic processing, signal processing
  • Expertise in Python and MATLAB
  • English and French language
  • Previous experience in CO2 and R&D is desired



The next step
We have an exceptional team in place, and we are pleased to be able to appoint a further person to our growing business. We are aware that you may not ‘tick all the boxes’, but if you believe you can genuinely offer some valuable skills and experience to our business, please in the first instance contact our recruitment partner Airswift, and the account manager Amy Spink.

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