Gestionnaire de Flotte



Location: La Defense, Nanterre
Contract duration: CDD – 6 months
Working hours: 5 days per week – 40h/week
Language requirements: French
Recruitment Partner: Airswift
Start date: June 2023

Ensure the operational management of the fleet. The service provider will be in charge of part of the fleet, performing the following activities:

Order management, deliveries and returns.

  • Awarding process
  • Identification of new assignments / Driver contact / Verification that the request corresponds to the Car Policy
  • Renewal initiation
  • Identification of vehicles at the end of the contract and need for renewal / Renewal management management, update of tracking elements
  • Vehicle order
  • Massification of orders / Validation and sending of the order form to the rental company / Recording and validation of the rental company’s special conditions / Driver information throughout the order process and delivery (delivery time/modification of the delivery time) / Follow-up of deadlines and reminders to rental companies
  • Delivery and start-up
  • Information and dispatch of the vehicle availability / Ordering the fuel card / Requesting the green card
  • Informing the driver of the availability of the vehicle and instructions for returning the previous vehicle / Creation and dispatch of the driver’s kit
  • Receipt and registration of the delivery report
  • Follow-up of the deliveries (with possible reminder to the driver)
  • Restitution management
  • Verification of tariff conditions / Receipt and transmission of vehicle documents / Deactivation of fuel cards, motorway passes, etc.
  • Entering the return and sending back to the suppliers the documents allowing the registration and stop billing
  • Vehicle buy-back management

Management of the life of the contract (services and benefits)

  • Follow-up of the contract
  • Tire management
  • Management of green cards and broker relations
  • Management of services outside the contract
  • Management of fines and traffic violations
  • Management of claims

Driver relations and operational management

  • Answers to users’ questions
  • Operational management

Supporting processes

  • Participation in the consolidation of vehicle fleet reporting
  • Tracking mileage / benefits in kind


  • Follow-up of the car fleet (number of vehicles on the road, invoiced, mileage follow-up, insurance…)
  • Up-to-date database
  • Vehicle order campaign respected
  • Compliance with the Car Policy
  • Invoicing followed and consistent
  • Internal customer satisfaction
  • Relationship with rental companies


  • Advanced expertise in front/back office commercial fleet management
  • Expertise in teamwork
  • Good expertise in managing all types of customers
  • Expertise in Excel
  • Rigorous and analytical approach to task completion

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