Group Engineering Manager, Oil and Gas

Chronos Consulting

Job Description

The Group Engineering Manager role is responsible for developing an engineering capability within the Group to support the business during major projects, shut down and turn arounds and to drive innovation within the business.

The role is responsible for recruitment, mentoring and management of the engineering team, marketing to external customers and all administration of the engineering service team. This includes building project budgets, reporting on the progress of any project, overseeing the successful execution of projects throughout the year, ensuring timely billing and payment of invoices.

Additional duties include responding to technical questions, training new employees, and working with General Managers to ensure projects are delivered as per client requirements.

Additional key responsibilities are ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction with the engineering services provided, solving technical challenges and ensuing suitable procedures and processes are followed by the engineering team at all times.

Ensure Engineering team deliver assigned projects, including:
– Proposing and managing budgets for projects
– Ensure products have the support of upper management
– Planning and executing strategies for completing projects on time
– Reports on the progress of the project

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