Head of Portfolio Management

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Head of Portfolio Management

Our client is an internationally recognized business providing clean energy solutions and Net Zero Carbon emissions throughout Asia Pacific. The Portfolio Management group is accountable for delivering strategic advice and perspective-setting on our clients integrated portfolio and to aid our client’s Investment Committee’s guidelines for investments and allocation scheme.

You will be responsible for:

• Offer strategic consulting and additional perspective support for our clients integrated portfolio, particularly but not exclusively in relation to capital allocation, periodic review, and tools for managing and aligning portfolio.

• Control and restructure our clients Investment committee, through its function as a secretariat team, ensuring chances are considered in a timely manner

• Framework for investment allocation and investment criterion development, implementation, and ongoing improvement.

• Strategic advice and direction for portfolio, financing, and investment strategies, risk reward, and trade-off assessment.

• Lead the creation of our major outcome areas and long, medium, and short-term goals.


Talent will analyse and prioritise current strategic company portfolio to find potential development areas through:

• Knowledge of business valuation techniques, such as discounted cash flows and multiples assessment for both developing and established companies.

• Capable of doing portfolio analysis, creating business models, and converting results into insights for stakeholder discussion.

• Knowledgeable in advancing the development of digital tools (particularly Power BI or a comparable product), and able to increase the effectiveness of these products.

• Skilled in data analytics, finding and collecting data from a variety of domains, and guaranteeing high-quality data management

• Excellent communicator and expertise in staging investment discussions with senior investors.

• Experience of the renewable energy industry is advantageous, particularly about markets, rivals, customers, and value drivers.

Preferable Requirements:

You may preferably possess (but not essentially) have experience in delivering strategic advice and perspective-setting to aid growth by:

• Knowledge of developing and implementing strategies in an early-stage business environment

• Experience conducting strategy discussions with key stakeholders, including the discussion of strategic alternatives and trade-offs, is required.

• Strong commercial awareness and a vision for quality, as shown by experience creating and carrying out business strategies

• Experienced in executing benchmarking, competitive positioning assessments, and external market scans with a precise suggestion on strategic activities

If you are a strong communicator with excellent stakeholder management skills and understands how to supervise top level executive stakeholders in a large firm (such as board members, the leadership team, and investors). If you possess the ability to adopt a calm, systematic approach despite concerns and is at ease with uncertainty, then please contact Huma Khan at huma.khan@ablydigital.com.

To apply for this job please visit www.ablyresources.com.

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