Lab Technician

Exxon Mobil

Job Role Responsibilities

  1. Comply with company safety (OIMS), control and quality systems (DIAF/GPQMS/QP&G/ISO) requirements, and continuously support lab programs improvement.
  2. Follow all procedural steps written in the test methods to perform lab test on process intermediate, in-process and finished product. 
  3. Release analytical lab data based on DIAF and PRMS compliance under ISO and QP&G requirement. 
  4. Handles ad-hoc or special request test sample upon approved sample request.
  5. Involve new equipment installation and commissioning.
  6. Develop operation procedures.

Skills and Qualifications

  1. Bachelor degree in chemistry, chemical / Environmental engineering.
  2. Understand Familiar with the test methods of petrochemical industry and statistics.  
  3. Good data analysis skills and learning willingness.
  4. Good English and MS office.

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