Night Company Man – Altea Energy

Altea Energy

Main Mission

Responsible for overseeing and managing the drilling operations that occur during the night shift. This involves monitoring the drilling rig, ensuring that it operates efficiently and safely, and making critical decisions to address any issues that may arise.


Safety and Compliance

Ensuring that all drilling activities are conducted in accordance with safety protocols, industry regulations, and company policies. This includes conducting safety meetings, risk assessments, and implementing safety measures to prevent accidents.


Problem Solving

Addressing and resolving any technical issues or challenges that arise during night drilling operations. This may involve troubleshooting equipment problems or finding solutions to optimize drilling performance.


Team Management

Supervising and providing guidance to the night shift drilling crew, including drillers, rig hands, and other support staff. This involves delegating tasks, monitoring performance, and ensuring that all team members work together effectively.


Equipment Maintenance

Overseeing the maintenance and repair of drilling equipment, tools, and machinery. Ensuring that all equipment is in good working condition is crucial for safe and efficient drilling operations.


Emergency Response

Being prepared to respond to emergency situations, such as well control incidents, equipment failures, or unexpected hazards. The night drilling companyman plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of personnel and the environment in the event of emergencies.

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