Operation Analyst

Exxon Mobil

Job Role Summary

•    Timely report submission in line with Global and Regional deadline
•    Insightful analysis to support operation improvement 


Job Role Responsibilities

    Responsible for timely monthly operation data analysis before report deadline and provide insights on operations performance based on analysis
o    Monthly
•    Monthly Performance Report      
•    Operating expenses analysis 

o    Quartly
•    Quartly  Performance Report 

o    Annually 
•    Budget for operating expenses; Headcount plan for TC 
•    Manufacturing Cost Allocation Tool 
•    Environment Conservation
•    Ensure records are properly classified, kept and cleaned up per retention requirement
•    Annual training and held records clean-up activity to enhance RMG awareness 
•    Review the RMG procedure biannually
    Government related
•    Coordinate government report
•    Plant overview deck, organization chart update as needed

    Others
•    Budget coordinator in PtA module
•    Ensure correct account code usage in opex item; cost center under TC stewardship; 
•    SharePoint site collection administration
•    Tableau power user
•    Support SSHE to screening/category sshe related opex
•    Other add hoc activityes assigned by BS manager


Expected Level of Proficiency

•    Taicang Plant Manager
•    Department managers in EMTPC
•    North AP Operations Support Manager

To apply for this job please visit jobs.exxonmobil.com.

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