Package Manager – Rotating

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  • Full Time
  • Schiedam


Job description

Package Manager, Schiedam 

Role Purpose

The Package Manager is the front-line of the Supply Chain activities within the project and is responsible for delivering the package to meet project requirements in terms of safety, budget, schedule and quality.

You perform the role of a “project manager” for the package.

You ensure that the package is executed in line with the Project Procurement Strategy and efficiently manages all tactical aspects of the package from RFQ, PO and post order management until final delivery close-out.

You actively contribute to the lessons learned process to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Supply Chain.


Tasks and Responsibilities

In order to ensure that package sourcing is set up to meet project requirements, you are to:

  • Understand the technical requirements of the package by liaising with Package Engineer (PKE) accordingly
  • Set-up the package by collecting lessons learned, multi-disciplinary input and defining package gates and planning accordingly.
  • Develop the Package Procurement Strategy in accordance with Project Procurement Strategy (PPS), and incorporating lessons learned and input from Category Managers.
  • Ensure that the tactical management of the procurement process is conducted appropriately (RFQ preparation, bid clarification meeting, negotiation, vendor selection, recommendation to purchase) and in full compliance with Company working procedures.
  • Measure realized savings for the package arising from the implementation of the procurement category strategy as defined in the PPS.
  • Be accountable for the successful delivery of the assigned package inclusive of proper application of vendor manufacturing management (VMM) process & package dashboard reporting

The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:

  • Positive feedback from PPM on the package procurement strategy and/or delivery manager and/or project manager
  • Appropriate package supporting analysis (eg: TCO, benchmark…)

In order to ensure that package execution achieves the expected level of quality, while reducing the risk of increased cost and delay, you are to:

  • Adjust standard Quality Control Plan (QCP) to meet project requirements
  • Manage the package interface with the vendor during PO execution
  • Ensure that vendors activities are managed in line with project priorities
  • Develop vendor quality awareness and ensure that quality controls are performed during vendor manufacturing process as per QCP
  • Provide Category Managers with continuous feedback on vendor performance and get their support in case of PO execution issues related to strategic vendors or strategic categories
  • Ensure vendor documents are received, reviewed and approved on time
  • Monitor package execution through package gates, and proactively raise alerts to implement action plan in case of potential issue (such as schedule, cost, quality, contract…)
  • During internal contract check points, provide active support to Project Buyer for contractual risks management and vendor claim management
  • In case of package quality issues, proactively conduct root cause analysis to define with vendor immediate corrective actions and share outcome with Category Manager when package is related to strategic vendors or strategic categories
  • Perform the overall rating of vendor for his/her package
  • Report package progress to the Project Procurement Manager as required during the entire life of the project
  • Perform timely and complete package hand over and close out

The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:

  • % of packages delivered on time and on budget
  • Contribution to actions implemented to reduce costs of non-quality for the package delivered
  • Full completion of package close-out activities on time

In order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the wider SC, you are to

  • Support Category Managers to develop standard quality control plans
  • Support Category Managers to evaluate category profile, vendor capabilities & performance and improvement areas
  • Ensure continuous improvement and package learning by sharing package best practices and package lessons learnt.

The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:

  • Feedback on effectiveness from CM
  • Number and quality of lessons learnt identified by Package Manager

In order that the completion activities can be achieved successfully, you are to:

  • Organize and lead hand over session(s) with completion team per package
  • Provide support and participate (if needed) in construction / integration, pre-commissioning and commissioning activities

The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:

  • Number of outstanding work list (OWL) Cat B &C open items
  • Number of outstanding vendor documentation

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