Principal Piping (PDMS) Designer


Petrofac is seeking a Principal Piping (PDMS) Designer – Contractor for 6 months based in Aberdeen, UK.

The role is outside IR35 and we invite Limited Companies to engage.

Scope of Services:

Services to be supported during the duration of the contract are detailed below. A requirement to undertake additional services shall be mutually agreed by way of contract amendment:

  • Review & understand project scope of work from PDMS modelling point of view before starting with the PDMS project setup.
  • Review overall plot plan of the project & divide the plant to optimum number of construction areas in consultation with Lead Piping engineer.
  • Prepare 3D modelling procedure and explain the general instructions to be followed so that the resultant 3D PDMS model is consistent, easy to navigate, as per the required standards and clash free. Guidelines, limitations, Naming conventions and restrictions of modelling to be followed by designers shall be explained in 3D modelling procedure.
  • Coordinate with IT for setting the location of project folders on the server and provide access of project team to required folders.
  • Create PDMS model based on 3D modelling procedure with the required databases, Teams and users and access rights according to PDMS Administration, Audit & control.
  • Supervise and guide the team of modellers for modelling on day-to-day basis for project & trouble shooting.
  • Perform routine checks on model through data verification and project auditing.
  • Check and update the physical dimension of items in catalogue module based on vendor information, Data sheets and applicable standards for the project.
  • Create required reports from PDMS model for Layout / Material groups.
  • Extract MTO from PDMS model for uploading to VPRM or any material management system used in the project.
  • Assists lead piping engineer for estimation of software and hardware requirement based on work volume.
  • Setup ISODRAFT module for generating isometrics as per project & client specifications / documents & resolve and trouble shoot isometric errors.
  • Update model review files in NAVIS WORKS format on daily basis and copy them to project server for the use of all discipline engineers.
  • Project specific customization of system and writing macros as per project needs and for further checking the quality of PDMS outputs.
  • Troubleshoot the problems raised by designers of all the disciplines.
  • Point of contact for all aspects of the PDMS system. Resolve planning/budgeting problems.
  • Required to ensure that PDMS system is compliant with the needs of individual projects ensuring that sufficient access rights, cats & Specs are available to allow project work by PDMS designers
  • Comply with relevant Petrofac codes of conduct
  • Provide a level of technical support that satisfies the appropriate Asset Safety Case and that the PFEER performance standards are not compromised by any Discipline Engineering Activities.
  • Compliance with company engineering procedures, industry, international and client codes and standards.
  • Ensure that all work complies with the Contract Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality policies and procedures as appropriate
  • Operate and act responsibly, taking into account of the need to progress environmental, social and economic outcomes simultaneously

Additional Information

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