Process Engineer


Role Profile – Process Engineer / Senior Process Engineer / Process Specialist
Job Location – Baltimore, MD (hybrid schedule) 

• Undertake process engineering functions associated with the pilot plant, bench scale unit, 
engineering studies and commercial plants
• Prepare flow sheets
• Preparation of mass and energy balances
• Prepare P&ID’s
• Prepare process datasheets
• Prepare process descriptions
• Prepare control functional descriptions
• Prepare operating manuals
• Participate in Hazop reviews
• Participate in troubleshooting and pre- and post-trial equipment inspections
• Participate in developing standard operating procedures and QA/QC
• Be an active member of the commissioning and start-up team for new facilities
• Support selection, procurement and testing of catalysts, sorbents and membranes
• Participate in and contribute to technology improvement, process intensification and innovation

Process Modelling:
• Continue the optimization of the ASPEN Model – this includes continual improvement of the 
modules for each unit operation for the pilot and commercial plant models. 
• Work with the engineers, external consultants, and ASPEN Engineers to improve and validate 
these modules with operating data generated from bench scale units and pilot and commercial plants.
• Generate fully integrated ASPEN models with formatted output for commercial applications, including 
higher level models to support business development
• Lead the inhouse setup of CPFD (computational particle fluid dynamic) model with engineers 
using the Barracuda software. This will include setting up the hardware and software in conjunction with Barracuda, transferring the current \models from Barracuda to the in-house system, running and analyzing the models, working with Barracuda to validate the models with new operating data from pilot and commercial plants. 
• Generate new CPFD models to test and continuously improve the Core technology.
• Generate Excel based models to support other departments 

Commercial / Pilot Plant Support:
• Support commercial, pilot plant and bench scale unit efforts through on-site supervision of activities 
which include the following:
• Process/Equipment design and documentation
• Pre and Post Trial Equipment Inspections
• Operator training and supervision
• Trial planning, reporting and supervision
• Data reduction and M&E balance analysis, reporting and interpretation
• Be an onsite representative of company and interface with clients
• Other on-site requirements, such as trouble shooting and expediting 

R&D Project Management:
• Manage R&D projects
• Develop budgets and schedules for R&D
• Manage resources, monitor performance and schedule, control costs and generate reports

Essential Skill Set, Education/Qualification, Certification Attainment Background:
• Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering
• Minimum of 5 years’ experience in process engineering, modelling, and testing
• Experience of Aspen simulation
• Field or unit operations experience
• Experience of HAZOP reviews

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