Quantity Surveyor for oil and gas industry in Qatar Location

Integrated Personnel Services Limited

Job Title: Quantity Surveyor

Job Description:

Quantity Surveyor is responsible for managing the financial aspects of construction projects,

ensuring that projects are completed within compliance with contractual agreements. Key duties

and responsibilities of a Quantity Surveyor is mentioned below.

Cost Estimation:

Prepare accurate cost estimates for construction projects, considering factors

such as materials, labor, equipment, overhead, and contingencies. This involves analyzing

project plans and specifications.

Budget Development:

Develop and establish project budgets based on cost estimates.

Allocate funds to various project components and phases and ensure that budgets align with

client requirements.


Assist in the procurement process by identifying suppliers, subcontractors, and

vendors, and obtaining competitive bids. Evaluate and negotiate contracts with these entities to

secure favorable terms and conditions.

Contract Administration:

Manage contracts, including reviewing and interpreting contract

documents, tracking changes and variations, and ensuring that all parties adhere to contractual


Cost Control:

Continuously monitor project costs, track expenses, commitments, and

variations, and report on budget performance. Identify and address any cost overruns or

potential issues.

Value Engineering:

Explore options to reduce project costs without compromising quality or

functionality. Recommend value engineering solutions to optimize project expenses.

Risk Management:

Identify and assess potential risks that could affect the project’s cost and

schedule. Develop strategies to mitigate these risks and ensure project success.

Measurement and Bill of Quantities (BOQ):

Prepare detailed BOQs and measurement

documents to quantify the materials and labor required for various project tasks. These

documents are essential for tendering and cost control.


Assist in the preparation of tender documents, including BOQs and specifications.

Evaluate tenders submitted by contractors and subcontractors and make recommendations for

contract awards.

Payment Certification:

Verify the work completed by contractors and subcontractors and

certify payment requests based on the progress of the project. This involves site visits and


Change Order Management:

Assess and process change orders that impact project costs and

scope. Negotiate and document changes to contracts as necessary.


Prepare regular reports for project stakeholders, including clients, project managers,

and senior management. These reports typically include cost status updates, forecasts, and

financial summaries.

Dispute Resolution:

Assist in resolving disputes related to project costs, claims, and

contractual matters. This may involve negotiation, mediation, or arbitration.


Ensure that all cost-related activities comply with relevant laws, regulations, and

industry standards.


Maintain accurate records of all financial transactions, correspondence,

contracts, and project-related documents.


Work closely with architects, engineers, contractors, and other stakeholders to

ensure effective cost management and alignment with project objectives.

Experience – 5 years’ working experience in any contracting company.

Study IFC drawings, Contracts & prepare detailed BOQ’s and quantity reports.

Tools expertise –

MS office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

 Good Working knowledge on MS-Excel, AutoCAD, PDF

 Knowledge of Power Bi is a valuable addition.

Interested candidates can share their resume on +917400011509 or durva.rajpura@ipsl.co.in

To apply for this job please visit en-in.whatjobs.com.

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