RE Training and Content Specialist


Real Estate (RE) delivers a competitive advantage to Shell through the application of leading-edge corporate real estate, corporate travel, and business operations practices. RE’s strategic intent is to enable the Shell Businesses to deliver on their goals by creating safe, secure, cost effective, and productive environments that allow people to perform at their best.

Where you fit in:

  • Responsible for the Run & Maintain of the Security Applications within Shell and thereby ensuring safe, secure, and reliable operations for all the Shell employees and contractors.

  • Training and Content Specialist role is responsible for writing and delivering well planned, interactive, and effective knowledge transfer, to multi-cultural audiences using recognised Learning and Development (L&D) practices, techniques, tools, and adult learning principles.

  • This role will suit an individual who understands the critical nature of effective training and thrives on orchestrating the entire training cycle; from writing engaging and visually appealing training content to delivering training, supporting end users, and ensuring overall user readiness.

What’s the role?

  • Carry out the training strategy and delivery approach.

  • Write training content and deliver training to end users, customers, and stakeholders for all security solutions

  • Facilitate user readiness ahead of system implementation.

  • Identify the training scope (learning needs analysis), training content development (high-level training design), training content development (training components), training tools and templates, training delivery, training logistics 

  • Involve in training measurement – user readiness

  • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement across all training components, templates and tools (training environment, training slide deck templates, qualitative assessments, SharePoint training front-end, training request form etc.).

  • Support the Real Estate wide adoption of RE Ops strategy aligned to 5P’s (Portfolio, People, Place, Partnership, Planet) of the RE functional plan.

What we need from you?

  • A professional and skilled trainer and training content developer with 6 – 8 Years of experience.

  • Hands-on experience of writing and delivering well planned, interactive, and effective knowledge transfer to multi-cultural audiences using recognised Learning and Development practices, techniques, tools and learning methods.

  • Capability in recognised Learning and Development (L&D) practices, can conduct effective Learning Needs Assessment (LNA) analysis, can perform curriculum mapping (learners to courses based on LNA).

  • Creates comprehensive High Level Training Design (HLD) documentation

  • Writes engaging training content, ability to lesson plan effectively, writes and performs all aspects of qualitative assessment

  • Experience with training delivery methods and adult learning principles.

  • Knowledge of instructional design and training methodology.


An innovative place to work

There’s never been a more exciting time to work at Shell. Everyone here is helping solve one of the biggest challenges facing the world today: bringing the benefits of energy to everyone on the planet, whilst managing the risks of climate change.

Join us and you’ll add your talent and imagination to a business with the power to shape the future – whether by investing in renewables, exploring new ways to store energy or developing technology that helps the world to use energy more efficiently.

An inclusive place to work

To power progress together, we need to attract and develop the brightest minds and make sure every voice is heard. Here are just some of the ways we’re nurturing an inclusive environment – one where you can express your ideas, extend your skills and reach your potential.

  • We’re creating a space, where people with disabilities can excel through transparent recruitment process, workplace adjustments and ongoing support in their roles. Feel free to let us know about your circumstances when you apply and we’ll take it from there.

  • We’re closing the gender gap – whether, that’s through action on equal pay or by enabling more women to reach senior roles in engineering and technology.

  • We’re striving to be a pioneer of an inclusive and diverse workplace, promoting equality for employees regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • We consider ourselves a flexible employer and want to support you finding the right balance. We encourage you to discuss this with us in your application.

A rewarding place to work

Combine our creative, collaborative environment and global operations with an impressive range of benefits and joining Shell becomes an inspired career choice.

We’re huge advocates for career development. We’ll encourage you to try new roles and experience new settings. By pushing people to reach their potential, we frequently help them find skills they never knew they had, or make career moves they never thought possible.

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