Research, Engineering, Manufacturing and Sustaining (REMS)


Research, Engineering, Manufacturing and Sustaining (REMS)

Cambridge – United States

At SchlumbeAt Schlumberger-Doll Research, we are using cutting-edge Robotics, AI, and measurement technology to develop advanced autonomous perception-based solutions that facilitate sustainable energy access while reducing emissions. Located in the heart of Boston’s vibrant technology ecosystem, Schlumberger Robotics and Sensors is focused on inventing, prototyping, and deploying solutions to ensure innovation gets rapidly into the hands of our customers — where it matters most. As a member of our multidisciplinary team, you will be a key part in creating an impressive breadth of technology solutions with a primary focus on robots, sensors, and physics-based models for fugitive methane emissions control.

To help us fast-track the energy transition, we are seeking exceptional scientists and engineers ready to steer projects across a multidisciplinary technology landscape. Our ideal candidates are rigorous thinkers, fast-paced learners, and innate problem-solvers. But above all else, they are passionate about using technology to solve
challenges once deemed “unsolvable.” You will contribute to intellectually stimulating projects spanning modeling and characterization of sensing performance, measurement development, cloud and edge algorithm development, system simulation, and real-world testing with exciting robots and sensors.


  • Graduate (MS or Ph.D.) degree in Robotics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, or related fields.
  • Proficiency with a programming language (such as Python, C++, Matlab, or similar languages).
  • Comfortable with developing protocols, acquiring data, and analyzing results from experimental trials.
  • Outstanding academic credentials and project experience in one or a combination of the following domains: Sensing Modalities, Machine Learning, Planning, Computer Vision, Mechatronics, Fluid Dynamics, System Engineering.
  • Excellent problem-solving, organizational, and communication skills.

How to Apply:

Applicants are asked to submit an online application under Early Careers | Technology on Please also submit a brief letter of intent and resume to [email protected], include “Perception and Sensing Program – AS” reference in the email title.

To apply for this job please visit