Rock Physicist


Rock Physicist

Villahermosa – Mexico

The rock physicist is responsible for the interpretation of petrophysics, evaluating the consistency and physical porosities of the minerals to determine the control and viability of their quality. 

Reports to: Reservoir Characterization Lead 


Roles and Responsabilities:

  • Determine the quality of in physical terms to know the porosities of the minerals and the amount of clay. 
  • Evaluate how the presence of hydrocarbons affects the elastic or electrical behavior of rocks. Modeling of basic records with which the elastic behavior of rocks (rock deformation) in terms of the volumetric factor can be established. 
  • Determine if the petrophysicist does not meet the quality requirements and be in constant communication with the petrophysicist in order to provide alternatives. 
  • Consider adequate criteria to select cutting parameters according to the data provided, lithology, etc. 
  • Select the most appropriate model according to the geological model and amount of data present. 


Minimum Qualifications & Experience:

  • Geophysicist, Geologist, Earth Sciences Engineering 
  • Certification or courses in rock physics or petrophysics  
  • Experience of least 3 years in rock physics and rock physics modeling 
  • Knowledge of hydrocarbon in the electrical and elastic behavior of rocks 
  • Knowledge of different physical models of rocks: Sand, Clay, among others 
  • Management of geophysical records of wells (curves and measurements along the well) 
  • PETREL platform skills 
  • Know how to program in FORTRAN, PYTHON or MATLAB  
  • Conversational English  


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