Job Description

Responsibilities: •           Demonstrated ability to search and analyse as well as well as prepare written materials to be shared with the relevant stakeholders and higher management. •           Preference given to experience with energy modelling tools (e.g. Plexos, Aurora, Times or any other tool developed by a reputable global organization) obtained through previous work experiences. •           Has an educational qualification holding a bachelor degree in Engineering, Economics, or related fields

Other Information

  • Job Sector : Energy Sector
  • Required Skills : • Team player who is proactive and self-driven with proven problem solving and critical reasoning skills. • Contributes to the team and follows the work values, ethics, conducts and behaviour while performing duties. • Ability to multitask and be flexible. • Capable of preparing reports, briefs and materials that can be shared with management
  • Qualification / Education : Bachelor’s Degree
  • Application Deadline : 30-09-2022

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