Senior Engineer, Mechanical Marine


1. Overall Job Purpose
To independently define concepts, critical deliverables, lead, plan, manage and control engineering deliverables required for the assigned projects effectively and to efficiently determine requisitions for packages for marine mechanical components and / or equipment, execute, deliver the packages on time in compliance with company specifications, procedures and to independently deal with all stakeholders and resolve all issues of the assigned packages, and provide guidance to the assigned team.

2. Core Responsibilities

  • Understands the specifications and requirements in the area of marine mechanical components and equipment (such as firewater pump, emergency generator etc.) of the assigned projects and requirements of the assigned project(s), Industry Codes and Standards, Classification Society rules and all relevant Regulatory requirements.
  • Plans and directs the development of technical specifications and attachments that are part of requisitions.
  • Independently evaluates the technical and engineering aspects as well as issues related to components delivery of bids received from suppliers and gives assessment to the Project Engineering Manager or Section lead. Generally, Lead Engineers are assigned complex packages and / or high risk equipment.
  • Upon award to the successful tenderers, executes the orders for complex and / or high risk packages by ensuring that documents (such as data sheets, drawings etc.) provided by the suppliers are complete, accurate and in order. An example is the specifications and information related to the interfacing between the mechanical component and other components.
  • Being the focal point in respect of those packages handled, liaises and coordinates with various internal stakeholders, external stakeholders, clients and other discipline engineers, quality team, Engineering contractors and suppliers, ensuring that their needs are met timely and according to the specifications.
  • Periodically visits suppliers, checks and tests the packages and their components to ensure that they function as per specifications. Where necessary, works with the suppliers/contractors concerned to rectify the deficiencies making sure that they comply with the specifications and are ready on time.
  • Provides technical/engineering support and advice to Construction/Commissioning work at site, trouble shoots and follows up with suppliers to rectify the defects or problems.
  • Independently manages/develops solutions to technical/engineering and related problems that may arise during the execution of packages handled using expert knowledge and technical know-how, and takes part in HAZOP workshop related to the assigned package and ensures recommendations are incorporated in the completed package with appropriate HAZOP close out.
  • Is responsible for capturing lessons learned in his/her functional area, entering in MIMS, and closing out project related MIMS actions.
  • Guides junior and Senior Engineers 

3. HSEQ Requirements and Code of Conduct:

  • HSEQ: Complies with the relevant clauses of HSEQ Code of Conduct as described in the HSEQ Policies, Standards, and Procedures to protect people and the environment at all times. Has a duty of care to ensure that all personnel work in a manner that is not harmful to their own health and safety and the health and safety of others.
  • Compliance: Complies with the Group Policy Code of Business Conduct and Ethics at all times.

4. Financial and Operational Dimensions/Impact and Decision-making Authority

  • Has to independently decide on all technical and engineering matters and specifications related to those mechanical components under the package(s) handled
  • Does not evaluate and decide on the monetary aspects of the packages and components.
  • Guides/supervises the juniors in the assigned team.

5. Work Relationships 

  • Reports to Mechanical Section Head. On any matters relating to the assigned project, reports to Project Engineering Manager or Mechanical Project Lead of the assigned Project.
  • Supervises a few juniors on technical matters in the team and handles his/her respective packages that collectively make up the entire portfolio of packages required in the assigned project.
  • Deals extensively with suppliers on technical and delivery aspects of the packages.
  • Deals with client to resolve technical queries that arise during the due course of the project.
  • Deals extensively with internal stakeholders and buyers that require or work with mechanical components under the packages handled.

6. Job Challenges and Problem Solving

  • Main job challenge is to specify the package requirements, evaluate suppliers, deliver the packages according to specifications on time and manage changes in the process. Only concerns with technical/engineering aspects; and not the monetary dimension of the project.
  • Has to frequently deal with promises (usually on timelines and technical functionalities) made by suppliers which they could not fulfill. To overcome the problem while keeping within the project timelines has to work closely with the suppliers to resolve the matter, and judge whether or when to escalate the matter to the Mechanical Project Lead of the Project.
  • Occasionally, has to deal with suppliers who fail to comply with the requisitions, which is often caused by their lack of understanding and thoroughness.  
  • Job holder’s focus is on the technical and engineering aspects; can refer to the prevailing engineering and technical standards and specifications on various components and mechanical engineering matters. Professional assessment and judgment are not always guided, provided job holder knows where to secure the information. Occasionally, the job holder needs to perform certain degree of research and network with other industry experts to arrive at a solution.
  • Another challenge is to deal and coordinate with many internal and external stakeholders and suppliers, which requires disciplined and effective planning and time management.

7. Qualifications & Experience

  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
  • More than 15 years of relevant working experience in Mechanical engineering in oil and gas sector. 
  • Is aware of
    • applicable industry standards, Company standards, specifications and procedures for his functional area;
    • Expert knowledge in the application of mechanical components such as pressure vessels, heat exchangers, tanks, packages etc. and market practices in the oil and gas sector.
  • Key Behaviors:
    • Result focus
    • Power of analysis
    • Taking ownership
    • Communications skills (written and verbal)
    • Quality focus (and information seeking)
    • Concern for order.
    • Teamwork
    • Professionalism

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