Senior Reservoir Engineer

Petro Staff International


Job Purpose

Conduct, interpret, report, and improve reservoir data gathering, evaluations, related reservoir surveillance activities, and reservoir
development and studies. Support the planning and execution of various development projects for sustaining 77 MTPA and 126 MTPA.
Quality reservoir data analyses and its timely reporting utilizing predefined procedures, tools, and techniques, with a pre-identified
role and responsibility as a team member independently.
Recruit and train young engineers.

Reporting and Relationships
 Reports to Heads of Reservoir Development & Studies or Heads of Reservoir Management.
 Frequent interaction with Subsurface Group Departments, Offshore Operations, Onshore Operations and Asset Management, Asset & Surveillance Engineering, Facilities & Disciplines Engineering, Integrity & Reliability Engineering, Major Projects.
 Regular contact with shareholders (Shareholder SMEs).
 Regular contact with 3rd party vendors.

Key Job Accountabilities

1. Prepare data acquisition plans and its prioritization, such as well tests, production loggings and reservoir/surface sampling requirements, etc. working closely with key stakeholders from the Petroleum Engineering Department and Well & Production Management Department.
2. Participate in the preparation of reservoir downhole and production surface tests, production loggings, and subsurface/surface fluids sampling requirements. Devise well testing programs including gauge specifications, flowing period, and shut-in time, etc.
3. Contribute to the multi-functional efforts of the Asset Surveillance Teams that are responsible for identifying, assessing, and interpreting well and reservoir performance changes.
4. Perform analytical and standard reservoir engineering calculations to evaluate well, platforms and block production performance and recommend solutions to rectify problems.
5. Conduct analyses on data obtained from well and field tests to define well and reservoir parameters. Coordinate the testing of data/appraisal wells (DST, pressure, and fluids PVT sampling) as well as the testing of development wells through rig facilities based on clean-up and early performance data.
6. Review reservoir engineering work performed by external consultants, provide feedback, and recommend independent technical decisions in planning, organizing, and conducting required reservoir engineering work.
7. Participate in joint reservoir engineering projects/studies with shareholders and 3rd parties and maintain close liaison with technical staff.
8. Initiate and participate in defining requirements for operations such as well tests, production logging, MDT pressure measurements, downhole and surface sampling, PVT analysis, and SCAL, etc. in liaison with Production Engineers, Geologists, and Petrophysicists.
9. Conduct core reservoir engineering tasks, such as Production Guidelines generation, Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA), PVT analyses, analytical and numerical reservoir simulation modelling, and participate in reservoir studies designed to improve well testing and fluids sampling interpretation methods and other reservoir engineering tasks, tools, and techniques.
10. Coordinate and support the Asset Development Teams with respect to the compilation of Well Information Summary documents and support the endorsement and approval process. This includes the review of execution documents such as well execution documents, stimulation design documents, and test procedures.

Qualifications & Experience

– Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering or Chemical Engineering.
– 8 years’ experience in reservoir engineering.
– Well versed in computer skills and be independent user of reservoir engineering application programs.
– Fluent in English language with PC skills.

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