Test & Termination Supervisor

Subsea 7

Vacancy information

The Test & Termination Supervisor will provide supervision over the activities of the Tower teams and will focus on the quality of the overall tower related works, compliance to procedures and applicable HSE regulations, whilst ensuring the provision of complete & correct As-built documentation per tower (TP).


When working from an ISV the T&T Supervisor is responsible for the control and management of all High Voltage related termination works, cable core routing and tower work teams especially regarding the required termination work’s quality reporting and documentation. The High Voltage supervisor acts as a supportive function to the Shift Supervisor (holding full responsibility for the overall ISV related utilisation, performance, and operations of Pull In and T&T works) and is responsible and accountable for all High Voltage related termination and testing works. The T&T supervisor reports all required T&T team performance, quality & activity reports to the Project or Field Engineer and monitors & controls adequate and complete deliverables from the work teams as well as the overall quality of the T&T works.


In the event of well conducted CTV Test & Termination works the High Voltage Supervisor also has the responsibilities of all works coordination and overall safety for CTV works similar to the ISV Shift Supervisor as per the project work schedule and HSE requirements.


The High Voltage Supervisor has knowledge of the company’s vision and values, as well as all company policies, and shall act accordingly.


All personnel are expected to contribute to creating a positive HSEQ culture within Subsea7 and ensure familiarity with and adherence to local HSEQ codes and practices.

This will include, but not be limited to:

  • Actively reporting issues / potential non-conformances using the Field Issue Report.

  • Actively reporting any unsafe acts and conditions (including related to environment) using the HSEQ Observation system, or to vessel management team.

  • Stopping and correcting the actions of personnel acting in an unsafe manner, and reporting using the HSEQ Intervention system.


All personnel are also expected to contribute to creating a culture of ethics and integrity within Subsea7 and ensure familiarity with and adherence to our Code of Conduct.


Specific Key Responsibilities & Activities


  • Overall supervision of Testing and Termination teams.

  • First point of contact for Testing and Termination teams.

  • Responsible for High Voltage work activity performed on the TP & OSS and the safe and efficient performance of the works.

  • Provide advice for non-electrical TP Supervisors or Shift Supervisor on electrical works being performed during absence.

  • In case requested, undertake switching operations according to client’s safe to work system in the role of AP (Authorised Person).

  • Assist with raising Permits to Work, ensure correct permits are in place prior to any shift commences for Tower teams.

  • Liaise with Storekeeper or work teams and control availability of materials, consumables and equipment required for the termination works including storage arrangement and condition of test equipment.

  • Ensure adherence from the Tower teams related to the tablet-based reporting system, and check completed work documentation for completeness and any quality findings.

  • Ensure quality control and complete quality report upon completion of location.

  • Conduct pre-work brief with the team leaders of the tower teams prior to deployment of the teams. 

  • Ensure installations are conducted in compliance with the project procedures/risk assessment, and findings recorded in field inspection reports when deemed required.

  • Pro-actively reports deviations with the project procedures /risk assessment using field inspection report.

  • Quality control sign off of all activities and ensuring that all data is collected within the completed documentation templates and timely handed over to responsible engineer.

  • Issue lessons learned to the Offshore Manager or directly to Project management/ Project engineers.

  • Check compliance with the Project waste management plan inside the offshore structures.




  • Have access to all information required for a proper execution of the work.

  • Authorized to instruct Testing and Termination teams on working procedures.

  • Authorized to accept Permits to Work and issue them when replacing the Shift Supervisor.

  • Authorized to deputize for Shift Supervisor for relevant items in your absence, when agreed between parties.

  • For any separated CTV Testing and Termination works operated from Base Port or from the ISV the HV Supervisor acts as Shift Supervisor for the complete Test & Termination works, the ISV Shift supervisor remains responsible for all Pull in Works conducted by the ISV.

  • Support standards and procedures for role.

  • Issue, control and implement documentation as per Master Document Register for Supervisors.



Detailed technical knowledge and experience of the high-voltage or medium-voltage electrical equipment and cable installation systems

  • A minimum of 5 years of relevant work experience in a similar position in the offshore wind industry

  • Required experience working as Authorised Person under an established Safe to Work System

  • Extensive Jointing experience with 66kV installations of termination products from different manufacturers (Pfisterer/TE/Nexans/NKT)

  • Ability to maintain focus on the high-level overview and priorities

  • Conflict resolving

  • Team leader

  • Motivator

  • Efficient communicator

  • Flexible and hands-on mentality

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