JOB TITLE:                      ToolPusher


REPORTING TO:     Drilling Section Leader


LOCATION:             Offshore




Responsible for the safe and efficient execution of all well and drilling activities and assist the Drilling Section Leader with the management of the drilling department.



1.2 QHSE


Responsible for/ensure:

  • To make sure that you and your team work safe every day, every hour and every minute, no exception.
  • Compliance with the Seadrill Code of Conduct.
  • Compliance with applicable internal and external governing requirements.
  • Compliance with Seadrill training, certification and competence requirements.

·     Compliance with applicable laws.

  • That all relevant personnel are adequately trained in handling emergencies.
  • That all emergency equipment is in good condition and configured as required.
  • Non-compliances are promptly acted on and reported to the direct supervisor.
  • Establishment and proper functioning of the safety organisation onboard.

·     That client drilling program is in compliance with Seadrill requirements.

  • All relevant governing documents are revised as and when required.

·     Training and competence assessments as assigned and/or required are performed.

·     Compliance with the standard for tidiness and cleanness.

·     Assume the safety role as per station bill and emergency preparedness plan.

·     Drilling equipment certification at all times is valid and available onboard.

·     Contribute with STAR card reporting.




Responsible for/ensure:

·        Monitoring and follow/up on ongoing well and drilling activities.

·        Preparing for upcoming well and drilling activities.

·        Managing equipment preparation for future drilling operations.

·        All relevant governing documents are adhered to by direct reports.

·        Ensure that clear daily operational guidelines are provided to all direct reports.

·        Visible leadership by spending time in the field and monitoring daily operations.

·        That the daily drilling report is prepared and submitted in a timely manner.

·        Required sheets and tally’s are maintained and updated as per requirements.

·        Thorough handovers are provided at each daily change of shift.

·        Subordinates are trained to fill higher positions.

·        Other duties are performed as and when required and/or directed by his/her direct supervisor.


Assist with:

·        Budgetary control of the department.

·        Well kill operations in an emergency or well control situation.




Responsible for/ensure:

·        Operational preparedness of all safety and emergency equipment.

·        That the drilling equipment is maintained included first line maintenance and maintenance is recorded.

·        Assist with maintaining a sufficient stock of equipment spare parts and materials.




·        As per Corporate and Regional specific Delegation of Authority matrices




·        As per Seadrill training and competence directive

·       Basic Technical English




This section describes requirements deemed necessary for this position in the respective region and are considered as additions to the requirements outlined in Section 1.


The requirements in Section 1 are to be considered minimum corporate requirements and deviations from same are to be handled in accordance to the Directive for Handling of non-conformities.







· Ensure the Driller is conversant with the program objectives and communicate any changes;

· Oversee the maintenance, repair and installation of all drilling equipment including, lubrication,

maintenance records and inventory levels;

· Supervise equipment preparation for future drilling operations;

· Ensure sufficient stock of parts and materials is maintained for drilling operations;

· Report drilling operations to the DSL as required;

· Verify for compliance records of inspections and certification of drilling equipment, tools and tubulars;

· Participate in the daily operations meeting to plan and direct the job activities of the drilling department;

· Responsible for ensuring that the drilling department are conversant with relevant rig specific procedures, that they are understood, utilized and updated accordingly;

· Ensure that current well control pre-recorded data is available, documented and posted as per Seadrill policy and procedure;

· Performing and ensuring accuracy of all well control calculations;

· Performing and ensuring accuracy of all well related operations calculations;

· Responsible for ensuring that regular derrick inspections are carried out in accordance with the drops programme;

· Assist the DSL in organizing third party personnel responsible for various well program aspects;

· Communicate with the Client under jurisdiction of the DSL;

· Ensure housekeeping is maintained in assigned areas;

· Actively participate in the Safety Management Systems;

· Ensure that approved rig operating procedures are adhered to at all times. Report all unsafe activities, situations, and potential hazards to supervisor;

· Mentor, develop and train crew members to ensure they are competent to work in their current job positions and where appropriate coached and prepared for the next position;

· Effectively use all safety and environmental tools employed by Seadrill (5-point check, STAR cards, PTW etc.);

· Perform all emergency duties as per designation on the station bill and other applicable emergency response plans;

· Comply with the training matrix for the position;

· Comply with the Competence Assurance Program in a timely manner as per Seadrill requirement;

· Support Driller activities, when needed, in order to guarantee operations in high safety conditions;

· Conduct performance appraisals for subordinates. Recommend promotion, development or disciplinary action;


· Review and, as required, perform all safety control duties as per rig´s specific HSE Case, Safety Case, HAZOP and TBRA´s;

· Review and, as required, perform all duties related to safety controls among all tasks performed by himself and or working group;

· Perform, respecting any applicable license limitation and under supervision, similar responsibilities as DSL for training, qualification and temporary coverage purposes;

· Perform, if required, the same duties as of the Driller;

· Keep up own certification and medical certificates up to date;

· Lead incident investigations on board.





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