Warehouse Operations Advisor

Exxon Mobil

Job Role Summary

  • Responsible to develop a safe working environment through enforcement of Supply Chain Operations Safety Program
  • Responsible to develop overall operations of the warehouse by leading the team in material receipt, handling, weighing, storage, preservation, issuing and delivery in the various Warehouse locations
  • Responsible for the management of client’s Materials on Hold Agreements (MOH), investigation of variances, maintenance of all warehouse lifting and operational equipment/ facility and organizes site safety incidents’ investigations
  • Provide training for new hire, WH contractor and intern
  • Support GIM in Inventory Count and clients Internal/External Audits
  • Develop plan, scope of work, KPI and implement 3rd Party Warehouse Operation to meet required target date for Start Up or Warehouse Mechanical Completion
  • Work with Maintenance and Project to ensure spare parts receipt coordination required for start up and operational spare.
  • Initiate prompt investigations into safety concerns and ensure timely closure and submission of accident or near miss reports
  • Responsible to ensure that warehouse design/layout/storage areas are optimized, well organized and material are stored safely per Controls requirement
  • Responsible to meet Company Controls requirements and ensure all team member complied throughout the various work functions in the warehouse

Job Role Responsibilities

  • Assign duties and examines work for exactness, neatness and conformance to policies and procedures
  • Identify and periodically review key processes, procedures and internal controls in the unit, updating the relevant guidelines as necessary Security
  • Review and approve personnel access to the warehouse by working closely with site security personnel
  • Ensure all 3rd Party Warehouse meet EM security requirement Receipt & Storage
  • Responsible to ensure the team perform timely receipt and binning of right quality, in the right quantities, and in the most suitable storage conditions
  • Continuously work to improve space optimization within the storage areas, by employing various storage practices, check and recommend for disposal of damaged and/or expired materials, leaking and failing chemical storage containers, and dormant stock materials, in line with Company processes
  • Monitor all materials held in Warehouse Custody under the MOH Agreements
  • Conduct inventory count. Review records for accuracy of information and compliance with established procedures, and determine adequacy of stock levels. Trace history of items to determine reasons for discrepancies between inventory and stock control records and recommends remedial actions to resolve discrepancies
  • Ensure that stored materials are maintained in best fit for purpose conditions possible
  • Review the shelf-life of stock items and follow up closely with clients for possible extension/disposal. Issuing & Delivery
  • Responsible to ensure the team perform all activities related to material issuing, packaging and preparation for delivery to end users
  • Respond to clients emergency situations within and outside working hour

Expected Level of Proficiency

  • Operational supervisory experience in a spare part warehouse environment
  • Knowledgeable in spare part warehouse operations and its handling/preservation requirement
  • Good english communication / interpersonal / coordination skill
  • Courage of conviction to leverage industry standard
  • Decision making and business judgement
  • Negotiation / problem solving skill
  • Proactive, self-motivated and independent
  • Proficient in Excel and its formula, Presentation skill, and any Warehouse Management System
  • Understanding of stock accountability
  • Good knowledge of SAP and knowledge of materials usage and plant replenishment requirement

To apply for this job please visit jobs.exxonmobil.com.

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