Well Engineering Project Management Contractor


Perform services with due regard to the health, safety of self, others and of the environment in which they are undertaken. 

Follow Company’s / IOGP Life-Saving Rules and OEUK Principles of Process Safety Leadership. 

Ensure that all objectives for the project are defined and fully understood. 

Input, review and assure all well project deliverables are in accordance with the Petrofac Project Delivery Process.

Client focal point throughout the project delivery process, ensuring the Client is consulted and/or informed throughout the work scope including via regular (weekly) formal reporting and progress meetings as per Petrofac best practice. 

Coordinate all external (supplier and Client subsurface etc.) and internal (Company’s Well Engineering technical and functional support) stakeholders with respect to achieving project objectives. 

Coordinate project and project team in accordance with the Project Delivery Process, the Turus project plan and project controls as documented within the Company’s Contract Management Plan with the Client and the Company’s contract with the Client, to ensure that work is carried out in a safe and compliant manner with due regard to health and safety of personnel and protection of the environment. 

Support Company with audit and assurance activities as required throughout the Project Delivery Process. 

Liaise with Well Examiner as appropriate, and comply with Well Examination requirements. 

Implement project specific HSEQ plans in line with Company and Client requirements.

Provide AFE/Budget compilation, ensuring project cost control practices are actively managed and timely project invoice processing is achieved in accordance with the Company’s Contract Management Plan / Commercial and Finance Processes agreed  with the Company’s Client and the Company’s contract with the Client with the support of the project Wells Accountant. 

Liaise  with service providers to ensure quality of service, and to drive integration and communication between the various service providers.

Investigate all incidents in accordance with the Company process.  Agree with relevant parties and expedite corrective actions resulting from any incident and accident report.

Technical review of project call offs and invoices.

Provide business performance improvement consultation, including the gathering, review and approval of lessons learned and the close out of the respective actions within Turus.

Additional Information

    To apply for this job please visit petrofac.referrals.selectminds.com.