Airswift is working with one of our major Oil and Gas clients to find an Expeditor to join their team in Saint John’s, NL.


  • Conduct expediting activities for outstanding materials to ensure on-time delivery and compliance with project specifications.
  • Organize and coordinate vendor meetings focusing on milestones for long-lead materials to maintain project timelines.
  • Support the operational readiness team in the creation of master data for offshore materials, ensuring accuracy and adherence to project requirements.
  • Assist in determining sourcing lead times and pricing for materials to optimize project costs and schedules.
  • Participate in planning meetings, contributing to the development and implementation of project strategies.
  • Ensure the capture and entry of accurate and required data for material master compliance, maintaining high standards of data integrity.
  • Coordinate the resolution of delivery issues and manage the logistics for material delivery to the project site, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders and the Supply Chain Management (SCM) group to align project material requirements with overall project objectives.


  • Holds a Degree or Diploma from a recognized post-secondary institution, demonstrating a solid educational background.
  • Possesses 3-5 years of experience in master data management, highlighting a deep understanding of data accuracy and organizational skills.
  • Brings 3-5 years of experience in the oil & gas industry, showing industry-specific knowledge and capabilities.
  • Must be legally entitled to work in Canada, complying with national employment regulations.


  • Exhibits strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, with a keen attention to detail, ensuring thoroughness in all project aspects.
  • Demonstrates strong technical skills, especially in MS Excel, facilitating effective data management and analysis.
  • Possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills, essential for coordinating with multiple stakeholders and ensuring clear project directives.
  • Shows flexibility to adapt to changing work demands, with the ability to prioritize tasks effectively for project efficiency.
  • Aligns with local employment laws, emphasizing preference for qualified local and national candidates in accordance with the Accords Act.

To apply for this job please visit www.airswift.com.