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About the Job

Carries out various activities at the Plant related to vessel’s arrival, departure, berthing and un-berthing, to arrange reception / discharge of various products, bunkering and loading of all refined products at Jetty Berths; coordinates with Oil Movements, Laboratory, Third Party Inspectors, Vessel Agents, PPA and others to ensure smooth operations and to reduce vessel turnaround times.  Is responsible for the accurate calculation of quantities and preparation of all commercial documentation for exports.

Key Accountabilities

Shift Changeover at Jetty:
•    Takes over shift from out-going Shipping Officer with log details of quantity calculations, irregularities, files and documents pertaining to vessel, etc. and hands over job in an efficient and orderly manner to incoming Shipping Officer. Reviews log data to establish status at the beginning of the shift.
Coordination/Communication at Vessel Arrival at Jetty:
•    Coordinates with Vessel Agents, PPA, IRSHAD, Oil Movements & Jetty personnel on the arrival of vessels at berth during assigned shift.  Communicates with Master on VHF while at anchorage to update status.  Informs all parties concerned of latest berthing times.  Passes berthing instructions to Agents as required by supervisor.
•    Prepares detailed documentary and sampling instructions based on Marketing / Client requirements.
Pre-arrival Requirements:
•    Checks that pre-arrival information telexes at Jetty from Agents contains required data on vessel details, ETA details, arrival and sailing drafts free board, manifold configuration, loading rates, ballast position, inserting status, cargo storage plans, and bunker requirements and informs supervisor.
Loading & Discharge Operations, Related Documents and Computation:
•    Prepares loading arrangements and related documents at Jetty.  Boards vessels to finalize with Master, quantities and grades to be loaded, sequence and loading / discharge rates, bunker, de-ballasting / ballasting requirements and other related matters. Ensures that Master is aware of Terminal regulations and confirms communication arrangements.
•    Receives notice of readiness (NOR) from master and arranges with Third Party Inspector for Cleanliness and Dry Tank Certificates of vessel’s tanks prior to commencement of operations.
•    Arranges for sampling of clean ballast from vessel tanks for oil contents tests and grants permission to discharge overboard or to shore facilities.
•    Issues clearance to Oil Movements & Jetty personnel for commencement of loading/discharge operations after completion of initial ship/shore Safety checklist by pilot. Advises the ship of grades, quantities and sequence of loading/discharge with rates through copies of relevant documents.
•    Based on agreed quantities; calculates and advises Oil Movements for “stop dips” on shore tanks as required.
•    Periodically checks and records the progress of loading/discharge operations and informs supervisor of any abnormal conditions. Takes appropriate actions to minimize delays and avoid any excess / short loadings from agreed quantities.
•    As information becomes available, prepares and updates skeleton shipping documents and maintains log for statement of facts (time sheets).
•    Calculates quantities loaded/discharged based on shore measurements for fiscal quantification purposes. Verifies accuracy with third Party Inspector’s calculations prior to finalization of quantities. Calculates shore pipeline contents and takes appropriate action to avoid contamination on board vessels and / or cargo degradation.

Job Specific Accountabilities

Preparation of Commercial Documents:
•    Prepares all commercial documents for shipments for Jetty.  Completes ballast and fresh water receipts and Bunker Supply documents as required. Ensures all documents are signed by authorized Company personnel and third Party Inspectors and Proper Quality certificates are enclosed.  Checks if correctly labelled samples have been placed on board vessels.
•    Boards vessel with documents and obtains Master’s signature. Coordinates with Master to resolve any discrepancies and serves and / or receives letter/note of protest, if any. Ensures that documents for master and consignees are correctly handed over.
•    Gives clearance for vessels departure and advises Agents to arrange Pilots accordingly.
•    Sorts out and distributes documents to Agents, Custom, marketing and Oil Accounts. Prepares Sailing Fax for Marketing with shipment details immediately after sailing of vessel.
Preparation of Onshore Pipeline Crude Reception:
•    Prepares daily preliminary onshore pipeline crude reception and S.R. Residue re-injection figures and passes to ADCO and Oil Accounts.  Also prepares past 24 hours’ Jetty status statements.

Minimum Qualification

Completion of Secondary (12 Years) education followed by a 3-year Diploma or equivalent in a relevant subject related to shipping.

Minimum Experience, Knowledge & Skills

•    At least 5 years’ experience in shipping, oil movements and oil accounting work in a similar industry, including working with computer-based marine information systems.
•    Good knowledge of English. Knowledge of Arabic is preferable.

Revenues/ Budget: As per approved financial budget
Direct Reports: As per organization chart
Indirect Reports: As per organization chart

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