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Job Description:

The Site Manager is a role responsible for planning, co-ordination and control of project activity from its inception to the time it is completed, both performed by subcontractors or in direct hiring. He is responsible for ensuring fully compliance with HSE requirements and quality control policies and standards.

The Site Manager is also responsible for ensuring, with the support of all project team, that the project is concluded successfully and client’s requirements regarding the functionality and standards are met. The site manager is responsible for dealing with any project delays and emergencies that may happen. He shall support Head of Operation in defining, monitoring and updating project execution plans.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Ensure to complies with all Company Policies, Procedures and Regulations in terms of Health, Safety, Environment, Security and Quality.

• Provides leadership to cause the creation of organization to ensure the work execution in compliance to the Quality and project specification.

• Coordination of all the activity starting from the project award up to the handover to the client.

• Plan on time, organize and manage all the activity during the mobilization/demobilization phase of Equipments, Personnel, Temporary Facilities and Tools.

• Plan on time, manage and organize, thought daily meeting, all project services (HSE dpt., Security dpt., Construction Dept., Logistic dpt, Qa/Qc dpt, Technical Office dpt., etc..), coordinating the activities of each responsible.

• Plan on time, organize and manage all operational activities, coordinating, thought daily meeting, the Superintendent/Supervisors direct hiring or subcontractor.

• Ensure time, costs, quality, safety targets are met through direct coordination and management of a project construction team, interfacing with project organization, subcontractors, vendors and clients.

• Define on time, in collaboration with the Project Manager the needs in terms of quantity and quality of resources (personnel, vehicles and materials) on the construction site, logistic structures (accommodation, site offices, workshop, reception and storage points for materials, etc.), local transport, communications, coordinating with HR and Logistics for the related acquisition and programming.

• Define and monitor in advance, in collaboration with the Project Manager, all the “remedial action”, in order to alienate the work schedule with project target.

Duties and Responsibilities Details:

• Assure the establishment of the team according to HSE Company (and Clients) requirements and the quality assurance procedures.

• Implement and ensure the stop work policy toward each project phase.

• Effectively apply methodology and enforce project standards as per Company guidelines/standard. (HSE, Quality, HR and Project Control).

• Support, if required, the proposal manager in bidding phase in project execution plan definition and guarantee the coherence in order to meet cost, time, quality contractual targets and commercial competitiveness of the initiative.

• Participate to the negotiation with key suppliers/subcontractors, when necessary, in cooperation with procurement/subcontracting department

• Monitor in respect of the baseline the application of the Project Execution Plan.

• Define, with the Project Manager and the headquarters services structures, the detailed construction program in accordance with the general project program.

• Coordinate, Manage, Plan or attended when required, the activity of constructability during the first project phase or during each constructability review phase.

• Provide on time instructions, in collaboration with the Project Manager to headquarter services the planning of the mobilization of Temporary Facilities, Personnel, Vehicles, Equipment, Tools, material and any kind of services to fulfil the project needs.

• Review constantly the projects needs and organize resources in terms of staffing and define responsibility related to the team members task assignment.

• Review constantly the projects needs and organize resources in terms of Temporary Facilities, Vehicles, Equipment, Tools, material and any kind of services.

• Assure that all the personnel are certified to execute specific task and all related certification FTW and training required to enter on site.

• Implement the health welfare and safety of all project personnel including subcontractors working on the sites

• Motivate the Project Team towards the determined objectives.

• Ensure the waste management procedure collaborating with the HSE department.

• Ensure, on time, with the collaboration of the HSE department the permit to work approval.

• Manage day-by-day operational aspects of a project and relevant scope in terms of production phase, etc.

• Coordinate, if required, the delivery of materials (on site or out site), the prefabrication work (on site or out site), carried out by the Subcontractors or direct manpower coordinating the activities with each Superintendent, ensuring the correct application of the quality control plans and the provisions and safety measures at work.

• Ensure the optimal use of human and material resources on the construction site, establishing the daily schedule of activities with the Superintendents/Supervisors in order to maximize integration between the various work areas

• Assure the integrity and maintenance of equipment under the using of direct manpower or subcontractor.

• Organizing, if required, the superintendent and supervisors, (Vendor, subcontractor or direct manpower) and ensuring that they are performing as required in accordance to project schedule and drawings, procedure.

• Ensure, with the collaboration of the Construction Manager, that each superintendent and supervisors, (direct hiring, subcontractor/s or vendors) is capable of performing their allotted scope of work.

• Ensure, with the collaboration of the Construction Manager, that all superintendent (direct hiring or subcontractor/s) understand the construction KPI’s and strive to achieve these.

• Encourage all project services to focus on forecasting project activities, interferences, and cost impact.

• Implement and promote the ABC policy

• Monitor progress of works along the various project phases, identify possible issues, decide about corrective actions monitoring the realization.

• Proactively evaluate changes and deviations during all project phases, and further verify the benefits of the action planned.

• Ensure that all services are operating in accordance with the Company standard and implementing any type of Procedure and Programs (KBS, MileMate, Welding Book, Cosmo, One world etc..) in accordance with each headquarters department guideline respectively.

• Coordinate, if required, and plan on time, the testing activities in term of necessary tools/material. Ensure the necessary documentation for each service involved.

• Coordinate, if required, the supervision of punch list items for its closure according to the priority.

• Collaborate with Commissioning Manger and Coordinate the Completion Manager to complete the activities necessary to handover the subsystems to Commissioning Team ensuring all required documentation and certification.

• Inform on time, the Project Manager of the progress of the work with indication of the availability and efficiency of resources, reporting any additional needs to ensure that the construction work is completed on schedule

• Issue on time, periodic reports on relations with the Client, on the progress and results of the activity carried out by the Company, the Suppliers, and the Contractors, on the critical aspects and on the forecasts of progress of the construction site activities, checking the progress and scheduling of resources and compliance with deadlines and collaborating with the Project Manager to identify and apply the corrective actions necessary to contain deviations from what was estimated.

• Check and approve the requests for new prices by the Contractors and for prices for non-budgeted works, assisting the Project Manager with verification of the supporting documentation on the occasion of requests for payments, as well as in the management of disputes with Partners, Suppliers, Contractors and Insurance Companies.

• Provide on time instructions, in collaboration with the Project Manager to the HR and Logistics Functions for the planning and organization of the demobilization and closure of the sites upon fulfilment of contractual obligations according to the progress of the work.

• Prepare and manage a formal closeout project process, giving coordinated feedback to Company organization with particular care to the operations aspects and lesson learn.

• Support, when required, the Project Control Team organize and prepare any type of claim which is considerate being an additional work to the original scope of work defined by the client.

Site Manager Job Profile

Work Experience Requirements:

• 8 years of experience in the role of Site Manager

• Advance knowledge of surveying techniques and equipment, design, and overall engineering and company standards required.

• Must be a key team member and team player, leadership, motivation and technical skills

• Good communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills, planning and organizing ability, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, leadership qualities and efficient team management skills, adaptability and stress tolerance

Soft Skills and Competencies:

• Multidisciplinary knowledge to read Engineering drawings

• Multidisciplinary knowledge of work sequence

• With excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

• Driven and focused, committed on high level of performance timely delivery of projects

• Willingness to be a change agent

• People management attitude

• Detail oriented and methodical

• Collaboration and teamwork

• Strong HSE commitment

• No conflict attitude

• No blame attitude

• Note: Able to read, write and speak in English, second language is a plus.

Education Requirements:

• 8 years or more of experience in the role of Construction Manager A Bachelor’s Degree in an engineering-related discipline


• Project Management Professional (PMP®) is a plus

• Certified Construction Manager® (CCM®) is a plus

Work Conditions:

• Home office and Site attendance

Other Specific Requirements:

• Familiarity with Company Tools, Procedures and Process (Construction Management Systems, Document Management System, Project Control Standards, etc.)

• Computer knowledges Office (Word, Excel, etc.), Navisworks

• Familiar with standard code

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