UK petrochemicals sector contributes over £7.3bn in revenues

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– Employs more than 15,800 people

Lagos — According to the research ‘Chemical Product Manufacturing in the UK 2024-2029’ by consultancy Ibisworld, the UK petrochemicals sector will maintain its growth through 2024, contributing £7.3bn in revenue to the UK economy, up from £7.2bn in 2021.

In addition, this sector will employ more than 15,800 people, making it one of the most important generators of employment in the country.

The petrochemical sector will also continue to play a key role worldwide. Thus, according to, by 2030, this industry’s global market value is expected to reach over one trillion U.S. dollars.

The growing demand for these products, along with a decline in the consumption of fossil-derived liquid fuels in the transportation sector, could make petrochemicals the largest driver for oil demand in the near future.

Globally, the sector will continue to play a crucial role in economic development, contributing more than $1 trillion by 2030.

Sarens brings to this sector more than 60 years of experience gained in projects of all types and sizes around the world and is already involved in major projects such as FAST, the turnarounds and term maintenance contracts at Fawley, Grangemouth and Stanlow.

In this context of growth, Sarens, world leader in heavy lifting, engineered transport and crane rental, is currently working at the Fawley oil refinery, near Southampton, Hampshire, on England’s south coast. The Fawley oil refinery is the biggest and the oldest among the six refinery sites currently operational in the UK.

Owned and operated by Esso Petroleum, a subsidiary of US-based ExxonMobil, the Fawley facility processes 270,000 barrels of crude a day, accounting for approximately 20% of the UK’s total refining capacity.

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According to Andrew Winter, Sarens’ UK Country Manager, “It is essential to continue to invest in the installation of new infrastructures to support the high demand and the maintenance of existing ones. We are fully aware of the importance of the petrochemicals sector to the UK economy, that is why we reaffirm our commitment to this industry with over 60 years of international experience. Sarens is becoming a strategic partner of the industry, providing our international experience to help keep UK petrochemical production stable.”

Sarens has already been involved in some of the most important projects for the UK petrochemical and energy industry in recent years. Among other projects, has participated in several important projects at the Hinkley Point C power station, contributing to the installation of 16m long Steel turbine generator columns in the Turbine Hall at Unit 1, or in the lifting of one of the nuclear reactors thanks to the participation of his SGC-250 crane, also known as “Big Carl”, one of the land cranes with the highest load capacity. Sarens has also participated in projects such as the one carried out at the Fawley Refinery, where an “out of the box” solution for its customers Fluor and ExxonMobil, a mobile lifting gantry capable of lifting loads of up to 1,250 tons was used.

In Fawley Refinery, Sarens has been involved in its £800m ($1bn) expansion under the Fawley Strategy (FAST) project to add a new diesel plant which will increase ultralow-sulphur diesel production at the site by 45%. For this operation, Sarens played a pivotal role in the transhipment maneuvers from delivery vessel, barging, loading in, transport and installation of two new columns, 50m in length and weighing up to 1250 tons.

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Sarens has also been involved in turnaround and upgrading operations at Essar’s Stanlow refinery Block One, with 39 cranes with maximum load capacities ranging from 12 to 750 tons, as well as 55 members of its engineering team and various SPMTs (Self-Propelled Modular Transports) and Jacking and Skidding systems. The upgrades undertaken were necessary to meet the insurance requirement to enable the refinery to keep running, were the first at the plant since 2018, and continued in a second phase from September 2023.

Sarens is the global leader and reference in crane rental, heavy lift and engineered transportation services. With state-of-the-art equipment, value engineering, one of the world’s largest inventories of cranes, transporters and special rigging equipment, Sarens offers creative and intelligent solutions to today’s heavy lifting and engineering transport challenges.

With more than 100 entities in 65 countries operating without borders, Sarens is an ideal partner for small to large-scale projects. Sarens currently employs 4,543 highly qualified professionals who are ready to serve the needs of any client worldwide and in all market sectors.

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