Aramco makes seven Saudi Arabian oil and gas discoveries, reports say

(WO) – According to Upstream Online, Saudi Aramco has made a whopping seven new oil and gas discoveries in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province and Empty Quarter.

The discoveries include two unconventional oil fields, one light Arabian oil reservoir, two natural gas fields, and two natural gas reservoirs.

Notable discoveries are the Ladam and Al-Farouk oil fields, which produced significant amounts of oil and gas. The Ladam field is producing 5,100 bpd and approximately 4.9 MMcfd. The Al-Farouk field flowed at 4,557 bpd and 3.79 MMcfd.

Additionally, the Mazalij field yielded 1,780 bpd and roughly 700,000 cfdg, according to Arab News. The Al-Jahaq field yielded a combined 6.4 MMcfd, and Al-Katuf field in the Empty Quarter produced 7.6 MMcfd and 40 bpd of condensate.

Finally, reports say Aramco’s Hanifa reservoir is producing 4.9 MMcfd, and the Al-Fadhili at 600,000 cfd and 100 bpd of condensate.

Aramco plans to invest $48-58 billion in 2024, focusing on exploration despite halting further oil production capacity expansion.

This story was originally reported by Upstream Online and Arab News. 

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