Field Operator II



MAIN FUNCTIONS Operate equipment and wells by applying operating and safety procedures and guidelines to meet daily operational plan, reduce equipment failure and efficient resources administration

• Responsible to implement on daily work objectives, housekeeping, safety, health, environmental and security
• Active participation on daily toolbox meetings and regular, reported safety meetings
• Identify and implement corrective and optimization actions by the continuous surveillance of wells and equipment to ensure reliable, efficient and safe operational conditions
• Function as Equipment Care Technician, and routinely use Maintenance skills in performing simple maintenance activities
• Report when the alarm, emergency or emergency shutdown system is out of service
• Provide detailed, clear and accurate information when changing shift, to guarantee that unit conditions are updated and ensure operations continuity
• Coordinate, control and monitor maintenance jobs according with the corrective, predictive and preventive planning
• Report continuously in the log book all relevant operational events and abnormal situations or deviation occurred in the work area, equipment or personnel
• Take samples of products for laboratory analysis and execute field laboratory tests
• Active participation on emergency response activities
• Report incidents internally and escalate awareness as per the Incident Reporting Guidelines
• Ensure that Operations Shift Supervisor is informed and consulted about operations activities
• Ensure good communication across the work team so that issues / actions can be adequately addressed
• Provide the basic facts concerning well producing problems, current production rates, and current condition of the well
• Ensure that the well problem diagnostics are thorough and complete before requesting Well Work intervention operations
• Ensure that the wellhead and well surface equipment are maintained and are in good working order prior to Wellwork operations taking over responsibility for the well for intervention operations
• Provide assistance and support to the ongoing Wellwork operations as needed

Job Requirement

• Completed secondary education and worked previously as a Field Technician.
• Strong communications (oral & written)
• High standard of Safety, Health, Environment aptitude and cultivates the same in others.
• Strong knowledge of pipeline operations
• Strong knowledge of safety and operations management tools and processes
• Broad knowledge of Emergency Preparedness Procedures
• Strong knowledge of Project Philosophy and Design Specifications
• Knowledgeable of relevant regulations
• Knowledgeable of relevant commercial agreements

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