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At ExxonMobil, our vision is to lead in energy innovations that advance modern living and a net-zero future. As one of the world’s largest publicly traded energy and chemical companies, we are powered by a unique and diverse workforce fueled by the pride in what we do and what we stand for.


The success of our Upstream, Product Solutions and Low Carbon Solutions businesses is the result of the talent, curiosity and drive of our people. They bring solutions every day to optimize our strategy in energy, chemicals, lubricants and lower-emissions technologies. 


We invite you to bring your ideas to ExxonMobil to help create sustainable solutions that improve quality of life and meet society’s evolving needs. Learn more about our What and our Why and how we can work together.



ExxonMobil in China


ExxonMobil has a long history in China dating back to 1892 when its predecessor Standard Oil began marketing kerosene to light the Mei Foo lamps at Chinese homes. Today, ExxonMobil’s business portfolio in China spans the full spectrum of the industry, from upstream to downstream, chemicals and technology center. 

ExxonMobil has a long-term commitment to China through investments, products, technologies and partnerships, helping meet China’s growing demand for energy and petrochemical products.

Huizhou Ethylene Project


On September 5, 2018, ExxonMobil signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government and an initial investment agreement with Huizhou Municipal People’s Government and the Administrative Committee of Huizhou Dayawan Economic and Technological Development Zone to advance discussions concerning the proposed construction of a chemical complex in the Huizhou Dayawan Petrochemical Industrial Park. On April 22, 2020, the commencement ceremony for enabling projects of this project was held virtually and Vice Premier Han Zheng attended the event and announced the commencement of the project. In April, 2021, ExxonMobil and Sinopec Engineering Inc. signed an agreement for basic engineering design, procurement and construction of the project. In Nov. 2021, final investment decision was made to progress the chemical complex.


What you will do


  • Follow the procedures to carry out  routine/non-routine operations, equipment isolation/commissioning, process  system opening, etc
  • 按照程序执行常规/非常规操作、设备隔离/投用、工艺系统打开等工作
  • Carry out field inspections, identify  abnormal situations in time, and take appropriate corrective measures
  • 进行现场巡检,及时识别异常情况,并采取妥当的修正措施
  • Responsible for sampling, additives/chemicals  addition, high risk work surveillance, etc
  • 负责采样、三剂添加、高风险作业监护等工作
  • Effectively communicate with various  positions and various third-party workers
  • 有效地与各个岗位和各个第三方工作人员沟通
  • Document all changes, exceptions, and  follow-up activities for shift handover
  • 记录所有的改变、背离和跟进措施,并在交接班时交接清楚
  • Master the hazardous characteristics of  various chemicals in the plant, and have certain emergency response  capabilities
  • 掌握装置各类化学品的危险特性,具备一定应急处置能力
  • Participate in emergency drills and  master emergency procedures
  • 参加应急演练,掌握应急程序
  • Responsible for clear identification of field  equipment/pipelines, etc
  • 负责现场设备/管线等标识清楚
  • Respond correctly to the shift supervisor/console  technician’s operating instructions or communication
  • 对班长/内操的操作指令或沟通做出正确响应
  • Actively participate in various  trainings
  • 积极参加各类培训
  • Implement all of company policies  (including drug and alcohol, harassment and discrimination, equal opportunity,  working rules, conflict of interest, confidentiality, etc.)
  • 执行所有公司政策(包括毒品和酒精、骚扰和歧视、平等机会、工作规则、利益冲突、保密等)


About you


  • College or above in chemical engineering  / process or related major
  • 化学工程/工艺或相关专业,大专及以上学历
  • At least 2 years of working experience  in LDPE plant, or more than 4 years of working experience in chemical industry
  • 2年以上LDPE装置工作经验,或4年以上化工装置工作经历
  • Experience in Pre-commissioning,  Commissioning and Start-up in LDPE is an advantage
  • 有LDPE装置预试车、试车和原始开工经历者优先考虑
  • Fast learning and good at communication,  initiative, enterprising and have a good sense teamwork
  • 有良好的沟通领悟能力,有进取心和工作主动性,具备团队合作精神
  • Hard Working. Adaptable to shift work
  • 工作认真负责,能适应倒班工作
  • Basic English Knowledge
  • 具备基本的英语知识


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Equal Opportunity Employer


ExxonMobil is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship status, protected veteran status, genetic information, or physical or mental disability.


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