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Saudi Aramco

Aramco energizes the world economy.

Aramco occupies a unique position in the global energy industry. We are the world’s largest producer of hydrocarbons (oil and gas), with the lowest upstream carbon intensity of any major producer. 

With our significant investment in technology and infrastructure, we strive to maximize the value of the energy we produce for the world along with a commitment to enhance Aramco’s value to society.

Headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and with offices around the world, we combine market discipline with a generations’ spanning view of the future, born of our nine decades experience as responsible stewards of the Kingdom’s vast hydrocarbon resources. This responsibility has driven us to deliver significant societal and economic benefits to not just the Kingdom, but also to a vast number of communities, economies, and countries that rely on the vital and reliable energy that we supply.

We are one of the most profitable companies in the world, as well as amongst the top five global companies by market capitalization.


We are seeking a Compliance Counsel with significant experience in matters pertaining to Global Environmental Regulatory Compliance.

Headquartered in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Compliance Counsel will join the Environmental regulatory compliance area within the Law Organization’s Corporate Compliance Department. In this role, Compliance Counsel will provide ground-floor guidance and knowledge on Global Environmental Regulatory Compliance, along with a broad spectrum of environmental, health, and safety matters that confront a multinational energy company and its global subsidiaries and joint ventures. Compliance Counsel, reporting through the Chief Compliance Officer and the General Counsel, will support the Company’s overall compliance objectives; work with the compliance team to develop comprehensive compliance policies and programs; provide advice and training to Saudi Aramco employees, coordinate compliance efforts among subsidiary companies, and manage resolution of compliance issues.

Saudi Aramco’s Law Organization is growing in response to a broad corporate initiative that involves the continued growth of its exploration, production, refining and marketing, along with expansion into petrochemicals, renewables, power and other sectors of the energy business. For adventurous individuals who are interested in working at one of the world’s most successful companies, Saudi Aramco offers challenging and sophisticated in-house opportunities. 

Duties & Responsibilities

Multi-jurisdictional environmental compliance, climate change and permitting for water discharges, air emissions, solid and hazardous waste storage, treatment and disposal facilities, wetlands and natural resources, and endangered species issues.
Negotiating with international permitting and regulatory authorities.
advising company organizations and relevant affiliates in respect of sustainability initiatives and related regulations.
Assisting Saudi Aramco’s Director of the Corporate Compliance Department, Corporate Secretary and General Counsel in advising the Saudi Aramco Board of Directors with respect to significant corporate governance, regulatory developments and risk management.
Providing direction, oversight, and counsel during environmental-related compliance reviews, whether conducted by Saudi Aramco personnel or outside counsel.
Supporting Saudi Aramco’s global operations with expert environmental regulatory compliance counseling and advice.
Working with the business lines or subsidiary companies to determine any compliance gaps or practices that may expose the Company to legal liability or reputational harm.
Working with other attorneys, audit, and commercial proponents to monitor the effectiveness of the compliance program.
Working with other attorneys and personnel to develop training modules, training individuals to deliver such modules, and rolling-out a comprehensive compliance training program.
Candidates must be currently licensed, admitted to practice, and in good standing in the United States, Canada, or the European Union.

Minimum Requirements

Currently licensed, admitted to practice, and in good standing with a state bar association in the United States.
Graduated from an accredited U.S. law school.
6+ years of hands-on corporate investigations experience at a large multinational corporation.
Specific knowledge of and significant experience with multi-jurisdictional environmental regulations is required, along with broad knowledge and experience in matters relating to traditional compliance offices. 
Special focus will be given to candidates who have significant experience with U.S. and/or U.K. listed companies. 
Pragmatic, business-oriented, approach to challenges and competing priorities and deadlines.
Demonstrated ability to engage business line leaders to drive implementation of new procedures and legal requirements in a timely manner.
Capable of international travel.

Working environment

Our high-performing employees are drawn by the challenging and rewarding professional, technical and industrial opportunities we offer, and are remunerated accordingly.

At Aramco, our people work on truly world-scale projects, supported by investment in capital and technology that is second to none. And because, as a global energy company, we are faced with addressing some of the world’s biggest technical, logistical and environmental challenges, we invest heavily in talent development.

We have a proud history of educating and training our workforce over many decades. Employees at all levels are encouraged to improve their sector-specific knowledge and competencies through our workforce development programs – one of the largest in the world.


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